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One in four Americans will develop foot complications due to their diabetes. Properly fitted shoes are essential to reducing these risks. The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that 86,000 lower limb amputations due to diabetes occur annually - and experts agree that most are preventable with appropriate footwear that fits properly.

Mount Kisco Foot Specialists provides Medicare-approved diabetic shoes and shoe inserts. Our office will evaluate and fit qualifying diabetic patients with proper shoes and inserts to help prevent diabetic ulcerations and infections. We are proud to offer the finest, most stylish therapeutic shoes from companies such as Dr. Comfort and Orthofeet.

The doctors at Mount Kisco Foot Specialists will evaluate you to determine if you meet the criteria for custom shoes. Your primary care physician who manages your diabetes will review the evaluation and confirm the need for custom diabetic shoes.


How do I qualify?

  • You have diabetes mellitus
  • You exhibit one or more of the conditions which Medicare describes as an at-risk factor:
    • History of partial or complete amputation of the foot
    • History of previous foot ulceration
    • History of pre-ulcerative callus
    • Peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation
    • Foot deformity
    • Poor circulation
  • You are being treated under a comprehensive plan of care for your diabetes and that you would benefit from therapeutic shoes and/or inserts.

What is reimbursable?

In 1995, Congress amended Medicare statutes to provide partial reimbursement for extra-depth shoes and shoe inserts for qualifying Medicare Part B patients with diabetes.

Within a given calendar year (January-December), a qualifying patient can receive an allotment from Medicare for one pair of extra-depth shoes and three pairs of inserts.

How much do I have to pay?

Medicare will reimburse a portion of the amount it designates as "allowable," with the patient or supplementary insurance responsible for paying the remainder of the total payment amount.

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