Fall is here!

Take a moment to see what you can do to enjoy a safe and healthy fall with your family!

Fall is here! It's back to school time!

Healthychildren.org has many back-to-school tips to help you and your child get back into the school routine!

Adjusting to the change of season and going back to school can bring out anxiety symptoms in many people. 

Check out our Anxiety Resources if your child is struggling.

Fall is the perfect time to get a Flu Vaccine!

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself, your children, and other loved ones from the flu!

Everyone should get the flu vaccine each year to update their protection.  Safe vaccines are made each year and the best time to get the flu vaccine is before the flu virus starts circulating in your community-- Get your flu vaccine by Halloween!

Get your child's flu vaccine at their (or a sibling's) next Well Child Check-up this fall or by appointment at our office.

Read more about Influenza and the flu vaccine on our Flu Vaccine information page.

Check out these Autumn Safety Tips from Poison Control.

Don't miss the Halloween Safety Guide!

Ticks are (still) here! Are you reminding your child to check for ticks in the evening AND in the morning?

Learn what to do if your child has a tick bite and how to prevent tick bites on our Ticks and Lyme Disease information page.

What kid of a tick was it?  Check out this resources for Tick Identification, and this one from the CDC .

Read more about Choosing an Insect Repellent for Your Child at HealthyChildren.orgEnvironmental Working Group and Consumer Reports .