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Asthma in the Austin, TX area

Asthma is a common illness affecting as many as 5-10% of children.  Eczema and viral infections of the lung during infancy and childhood, upper respiratory allergy and food allergy are associated with the development of asthma.  Most asthmatic illnesses occur in  young children up to age 6-7 and are triggered by viral infections (common colds, flu)


Asthma is a condition of the lower respiratory tract (lungs) that results in airways becoming obstructed due to mucus, constriction and inflammation. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing.

Diagnosing Asthma

We have been diagnosing childhood asthma in the Austin area for years and will make certain your child receives all the necessary care. It is typically diagnosed based on a history of cough at certain times and circumstances. The cough can be of varying quality, frequency and intensity. Difficulty breathing is a cause for immediate evaluation. Wheezing is a term used by many people in reference to various noises coming from both the upper and lower airway. Noisy breathing, in general, should be evaluated by a pediatrician to clarify the source of the obstruction.

Asthma Treatment

While there is still no cure for asthma, treatment will greatly lessen the severity of flare-ups and the frequency of recurrence.  Proper care focuses on controlling symptoms, preventing recurrences, and identifying common triggers. In school age children, normal activities generally are not restricted. In preschool children, it will most frequently recur with viral infections. Treatment may take time and may involve several steps. Starting appropriate inhalant treatments at the onset of cough is very important. Flare-ups usually completely resolve in 5-7 days when proper medications and delivery methods are used. Allergies, most commonly due  to mold, dust, seasonal pollens and cedar, can frequently trigger an attack.  Steroid nasal sprays and prescription medication without significant side effects, as well as antihistamines should be considered as a way to prevent recurrences.

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