Immediate Dental Implant, aka Tooth in a Day

Immediate Implant Placement

Replacing the missing tooth is crucial for several reasons. There is no doubt that gaps need to be replaced; and it does not matter whether the missing tooth is in the front or back of the mouth. Ask your dentist about the available replacement options. Dental Implant is usually the best replacement option for the missing tooth/teeth. Implant as an advanced titanium post would offer fixed replacement options. Not only does it preserve your bone, but it also protects your nearby teeth.

Amid all the misinformation in commercials & companies claims, finding the truth in dentistry is becoming harder & harder. Recently, one of the hot topics in advertisements is “teeth in a day” or “same day implant”.  

Is it safe to get implant at the same time of extraction?

Yes! Immediate implant placement (same-day implant), aka tooth in a day, is a viable option in specific scenarios. There are certain criteria that your implant team (Prosthodontist/Restorative Dentist, Periodontist/Surgeon) should consider before deciding on timeframe of dental implants. Therefore, the decision on when to place the implant and how long to let it heal is a sophisticated matter by your dental experts. The collaboration between your Prosthodontist or Restorative Dentist, Periodontist or Surgeon, and Dental Lab Technician is crucial in achieving success in implant therapy.

Although fast healing time has always been tempting to everyone, rushing the biology is never recommended. The timing of dental implant placement and loading should be patient-tailored based on several criteria in the patient’s medical and dental history as well as the surgical site. It should also be highlighted that immediate placement of dental implants may even be advantageous at times. However, disastrous outcomes may come along if an in-depth examination and analysis are not carried out by the implant dentist.   

Find the answers to all your questions on dental implants in this video. “Word of Mouth: The Truth about Dentistry” is a link between you and dental professionals. In this educational video, the dental specialists of Origins Specialty Dentistry, Dr Babak Najafi, Periodontist, and Dr Parisa Kheirieh, Prosthodontist in San Antonio, Texas discuss different timeframes of implant placement. Their honorary guest, Dr Howard Drew (Vice Chair of Periodontics Department & Director of Implantology Department, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine) shed light on the myths and facts of implant dentistry.

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