At Wendy Mayer, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!


Dr Mayer is so nice and professional. She took much care to my grandfather when he had an infection in his tooth. Her staff team are also very polite and informative. I will definitely come back for her services. I am blessed to ever encounter such a kind dentist.

by Roberto Fernandez


Very professional. One of the best cleanings I've had, really scraped away the plaque! Found a small cavity while cleaning and took care of it immediately. x-ray, cleaning and filling took about 30 min. Recommending my boyfriend to see her.

by carla casamona


Dr Mayer had an excellent bedside manner and was super gentle and thorough during my consultation. She performed the entire examination and cleaning herself (which was surprising to me as I’ve always had dental hygienists perform all my cleanings). Her office is in a beautiful location, right off of Central Park and her office staff is warm and welcoming. Would highly recommend.

by L L


Dr.Mayer was very professional. Excellent service would definitely recommend!

by Kelly Ann


Dr. Mayer and her team are amazing. Everyone at her office is very polite and helpful with rescheduling appointments. I've had my teeth cleaned by both Dr. Mayer and her dental assistant. Neither times was I made to wait an extensive amount of time to be seen for my cleaning. My cleanings were thorough and done in a timely manner. I highly recommend Dr. Mayer's office.

by Jessica Franzel


I had a Terrific experience with both the doctor and her staff! I received great guidance on how to improve my own dental care as well as a detailed analysis of any issues.

There is also a very reasonable payment package!

by Nadya Bali


Highly recommended. Professional, friendly service, no/little wait time, clean office. Dental visits make me nervous but everyone there makes me feel more comfortable. Their patience is appreciated.

by Samantha Alcala


Really love Mayer dental. Their always on time (something that you need when you are a busy person), friendly, and take the time to ensure that you get the service that you need. No skimping here, no rushing you out the door. Great dentist and all the assistants are just great too!

by Cynthia Nelson


I came in for a cleaning and check-up and Dr. Mayer was great! Very through, friendly and accommodating. She was even able to take care of a filling on the same day. Would definitely recommend.

by Matt Schmidt


I have had the best experiences with Dr. Wendy Mayer and her staff. Her office is friendly, clean and esthetic, comfortable and conveniently located....I have had the VERY BEST dental care there for all my needs. They have my highest recommendation.

by Judith Blazer


Excellent cleaning, diagnosis and cavity filling by Dr Mayer. She and her very nice staff made me feel well taken care of. It’s unusual to have a dentist do the cleaning herself while a technician assists. She took her time and my mouth feels super clean.

Dr Mayer carefully diagnosed an ache I had and determined it was best to wait and see rather than up-selling a procedure.

Finally, she found a small cavity (said I could wait but best to take care of it) and was again very attentive both to my tooth and to me as a human being in the chair.

Great value. Highly recommend.

by Adam Baum


dentist, but it’s worth thinking about. I arrived at Wendy’s office following a fair amount of trauma around dental care and she just kind of adopted me as a human. She has really kind, sincere eye contact. She shares stories of her life and listens well. She is both reassuring and direct. I know she always advises according to what is best for me — never in a million years even a possibility she’s going to tell you you need work you don’t.

When I am at Wendy’s office, I am always glad to see her, on a personal level. And over the years I have become increasingly aware of how great she is mechanically. Like she just finds hacks. The space is too wide, too narrow, too whatever — she fixes it. She did this really tiny inlay for me — like, such a small piece. And I saw that she really likes that kind of artistic work. She placed it and replaced it in my mouth maybe ten times before it was perfect.

When I‘m in pain, even if nothing is visible, she’s never dismissive and always takes what I’m feeling seriously.

I was in today with a surprise catastrophe — one of my teeth just crumbled last night. First off, her office got me in next day. And this has consistently been my experience. When things go wrong, they get me in very quickly. Also, I was a wreck when I got there today. She explained everything, gave me a few options for care. And then injected me with Novocain *painlessly.* My hands were clenched waiting for pain that never came, because she injected so slowly that I was numb before she continued injecting. (Why don’t all dentists do this??!)

I have a special needs child who has always been welcome in the office. Like when I needed care but couldn’t leave my child, Wendy put me at ease to bring my child with. She’s even sat and chatted with my child while I was getting a cleaning. (The techs in the office give great cleanings.)

Now my child sees her as well. My child, too, had had really horrifying dental care early on. But she, too, really likes and trusts Wendy on a personal level. (And my kid is a great judge of character.)

I feel like we both are getting over out dental PTSD as a result of having a caring, kind, gentle, extremely competent dentist in our corner.

It seems to me as I sit in the waiting room waiting for my turn that Wendy is just as warm and wonderful with all her patients.

I would recommend Wendy as a dentist to anyone who wants excellent dental care, period.

I would also recommend her to anyone who has trepidation about dental care, anyone who has a child they want to have good early associations with dentistry, anyone who finds themselves with a dental emergency that needs the best care rapidly.

I can’t really imagine the circumstance in which I’d recommend going elsewhere. Although it’s worth noting that there have been situations over the years in which Wendy herself has suggested specialist care and I trust her as source of honest referrals if one needs to be sent on to a periodontist/endodontist/etc.

Did I mention the time my child needed an extraction and the tooth just wouldn’t come out — and Wendy stayed late *on her own birthday* to get it done without trauma? Yes, she actually did that.

In short, Wendy Mayer is a very special human being and a superb dentist. And I wish to heck they were all like her.

by Chanita Baumhaft.


Great experience! Brilliant hygienist (super thorough). Clean office and very friendly staff.

by Kamila Krajkowska.


Best ever cleaning!!! Paula was so precise, so careful, and thorough! She came back and went over some places several times to get rid of every bit of plaque, even in the extra tight spaces. Love Dr Mayer herself — she expertly smoothed out my new bondings—as well as polite and helpful front desk. Loving my shiny clean teeth!

Alice Hunsberger


Great experience with Dr. Mayer. I will be returning! Lovely office space too.

Nicole B


GGreat place. Great service. Loved my cleaning!! One of the best EVER

Susan Powell


Dr. Wendy Mayer is an excellent dentist!

Ian Defibaugh


Great, friendly, fast.

Wendell Odom


I went to Dr. Mayer for Invisalign braces and was very, very happy with the results. Dr. Mayer and her staff are very professional and I never waited more than a few minutes when I arrived for my appointment. I would recommend Dr. Mayer to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Pia Cone


Great experience. Friendly staff, professional service, pleasant office. What more could you ask for. Highly recommended.

Richard Hirsch


My experience was wonderful with Wendy Mayer dds. She was such a pro, made me feel comfortable and was so gentle. One of the best dental experiences of my life!

Aron Lopez

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