Mole Removal FAQs

Moles are very common skin growths, and for the most part, they are typically harmless and are rarely cancerous. But it's very important to monitor these, both on your own and with the help of your dermatologist as early treatment is often the best way to prevent complications. If a mole is concerning then an early and often successful treatment that your doctor may suggest is mole removal, you can learn more by reaching out to Dr. Martha Robinson in Okmulgee, OK, and serving McAlester.

How to Spot Concerning Moles at Home?

An important part of skin cancer prevention is early detection, and this includes self-checks at home. A way to determine what could be a concerning mole is through a commonly used strategy that employs the acronym of ABCDE. Each letter stands for a concerning trait in a mole, asymmetry, jagged borders, no uniform color, large diameter, and evolving, which refers to if a mole is changing any of the above characteristics.

If you do spot a concerning mole then your doctor can determine if it should be removed at your next consultation.

What Can You Expect During the Procedure?

There are various methods of mole removal and they are all different in the way they are performed. But for the most part, they are simple procedures with few side effects that produce no significant scar tissue.

What Are the Mole Removal Methods?

Mole removal can be performed using liquid nitrogen, an electric current, or a surgical blade, among other methods. Moh's surgery is a more precise method that is used when the concerning growth is in an area with little tissue beneath, like your eyelids, ears, and hands, for example.

Mole Removal in Okmulgee, OK, and serving McAlester

If you are interested in mole removal and other skin cancer treatment and prevention services, you can schedule a visit with your local skin expert in Okmulgee, OK, and serving McAlester, OK, Dr. Robinson, by dialing (918) 758-3750.

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