Symptoms of Foot and Ankle Tendonitis

Are you wondering whether your foot or ankle pain could be due to tendonitis?

A tendon is a thick band of tissue that is responsible for connecting bones and muscles. Unfortunately, tendons can become both injured tendonitisand inflamed. One way in which this happens is through a condition known as tendonitis. Could your foot or ankle pain be the result of tendonitis? Read on to learn more about out the common symptoms of this condition and find out if it’s time to see one of our Houston, TX, podiatrists, Dr. Asia Lo, Dr. Samuel Mendicino, and Dr. Manish Patel, for care!

What are the symptoms of tendonitis?

Tendonitis is when one of the three tendons within the foot and ankle becomes inflamed. The three tendons are,

  • Achilles
  • Posterior tibial
  • Peroneal

As you might imagine, the most common symptom of tendonitis is foot or ankle pain. The pain may get worse when walking or being physically active, as well as when you move your foot. The pain and discomfort are often felt in the foot and ankle, but they may travel up the leg.

It’s also common to experience achiness or even a snapping sensation in the ankle. Of course, these symptoms can also be indicative of other conditions that may be more serious and require immediate medical attention. Accordingly, if the pain doesn’t go away with rest, is severe, or gets worse over time, then you should visit your Houston podiatrist.

What causes tendonitis?

While this can just be the result of normal wear-and-tear over the years, it often arises from overuse and commonly affects athletes who perform repetitive movements. Those with flat feet are also prone to developing tendonitis. Tendinitis may also accompany other conditions such as arthritis, a dislocation, or a muscle tear.

How is tendonitis treated?

Treating your tendonitis will depend on which tendon is affected and how severe the problem is. If it’s mild, simple at-home care such rest, pain relievers, ice, and compression can usually alleviate pain and swelling until the tendon has time to heal. If the condition is more severe, your foot and ankle specialist may recommend steroid injections or, in rare cases, surgery.

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