Different Foot and Ankle Surgeries To Help You

If you've been experiencing foot and ankle pain even after podiatrist recommendations, you may need to begin considering your next options. Foot and ankle surgery doesn't have to be daunting when visiting with Dr. Asia Lo at Foot & Ankle Institute in Houston, TX.

Different Foot and Ankle Surgeries

Persistent foot and ankle pain that prevents proper functionality to walk is often a sign for you and your podiatrist to discuss surgery. Depending on the source of pain in the foot or ankle, the following surgeries can repair your condition:

  • Heel spur surgery—there are various ways in which surgery of the heel is performed, and it depends on the prior analysis to best correct maneuverability of the heel. The inflamed tissue (plantar fasciitis) at the bottom of the heel will likely be removed to reduce pain.
  • Hammertoe surgery—this procedure typically aims to remove a segment of a bone in one of your toes to realign your toe. Depending on your condition, Dr. Lo will determine if your toes need temporary support from a wire, or if an implant is necessary.
  • Bunion surgery—to restore your foot and ankle to their proper function, the severity of your bunion determines the best method to correct your deformity.
  • Fusions—typically involve the removal of the joint surface (cartilage) of the joints to fuse two or more bones collectively to prevent them from shifting. This procedure can be performed through the assistance of pins, screws, plates, or all together, to ensure stability.

If you are seeking relief from pain caused by conditions like arthritis, and require foot and ankle surgery in Houston our podiatrist at Foot & Ankle Institute can discuss the best procedure for you. We can determine if your surgery is needed or if your condition can be treated with conservative options.

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The idea of surgery is often a source of stress for many people, however, at the Foot & Ankle Institute, we provide a comprehensive examination and determination that best suits you and your condition. It's Dr. Lo's priority to offer you comfort and relief from pain through foot and ankle surgery in Houston. To schedule a visit with our podiatrists, call our office today, at (281) 531-4100.

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