Meet Shephalee Parmar


Shephalee Parmar
Office Manager

This year marks 12 years since Shephalee started her career in the dental field at Accurate Family Dental.

Personal Quote:

“I am happy to welcome you to our dental practice. While we use modern technology to communicate with our patients, we always adhere with simple old school ways of treating our patients with the care and love. One of the things that I am especially proud of is being able to take dental x-rays quickly making it relatively easy for my patients, especially when they have a strong gag reflex. I consider that a win. I feel grateful and blessed to have been recognized by our family of wonderful patients. It is important to me that every single patient feels that their concerns have been heard well and addressed promptly by our team”.

The most important hat she wears, though, is as a mother to her two kids, Manveer and Aneeka, and as a wife to her husband of 18 years, Prashant. “Being mindful of work and life balance is important to me. I have this whole other part of me that dwells happily in having to prepare a plan around my family, their needs while balancing them with my professional obligations”.
In addition to helping her husband at his practice, Shephalee is a culinary enthusiast and an artist.
“I am an avid self-taught cook. I enjoy the personal growth experience as I prepare interesting culinary dishes from other countries”.

As one may say, You can take the girl out of Art, but you cannot take Art out of the girl. Shephalee holds her Master’s Degree in Textile Designing from Bombay University. Her love for art was fueled during her college days. Saturday evenings are her art days where she enjoys painting in acrylic and water medium through the wee hours of the morning. Her art creations always tells you a story.

“For me, the best view comes after the hardest climb and nothing compares to watching the outcome of your efforts, especially when it benefits patient care outcomes”.

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