Benefits of Seeing a ENT Doctor

Find out when to turn to an ear, nose, and throat doctor for care. 

Handling ear, nose, and throat issues can be challenging at times, so you should turn to our Pittsfield, MA, ENT doctor Dr. Giulio Cavalli rather than your general practitioner. After all, we specialize in treating conditions, injuries, and other problems that impact the ear, nose, and throat, as well as the head and neck. Wondering if you could benefit from turning to our team? Here’s what we can offer you,

Correct Hearing Loss 

Hearing loss is common as we age, but it doesn’t mean it’s just a fact of life. By detecting and treating hearing loss early, we can help you adjust to hearing with the help of these assistive devices (And they’ll also be more effective). If you notice that you’re having more issues hearing and understanding people, it might be time to schedule a hearing evaluation with our Pittsfield, MA, ENT doctor. Dr. Cavalli can diagnose and treat hearing loss of all kinds and severities.

Treat Ear Infections 

Ear infections are particularly prevalent in children; however, this doesn’t mean that teens and adults don’t develop them, too. If you are dealing with chronic or persistent ear infections (An infection that lasts for weeks despite home care), it might be time to call us, as chronic infections may lead to permanent damage.

Address Sinus and Nasal Problems 

Recurring, persistent, or difficult-to-treat sinus issues can be incredibly frustrating. Everything from a deviated septum to nasal polyps and chronic sinus infections could leave you with a stuffed nose, difficulty breathing, and facial pain and pressure. If over-the-counter medications and at-home care aren’t helping, it’s time to turn to us. We can determine the root cause and treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

Evaluate Swallowing Problems 

Dysphagia or difficulty swallowing can occur for many reasons. Often, we see this problem in seniors; however, difficulty swallowing could also result from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ill-fitting dentures or even a cold. Turn to our ENT team if you are experiencing trouble swallowing.

Control Seasonal Allergies 

If you are someone who deals with nasty bouts of allergies throughout the year, you may be pleased to know that our Pittsfield, MA, ENT doctor can help you get your allergies under control. We can recommend the right lifestyle changes, remedies, medications, and immunotherapy to get your allergies under control.

If you are looking for an ENT doctor that provides individualized, compassionate care to the Pittsfield, MA, community, then call Giulio Cavalli Medical at (413) 443-6116 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Cavalli.