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 For Dates of service BEFORE 10/26/2023.

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Covid-19 Testing


At Main Street Urgent Care, keeping our clinic safe for of our patients & while still providing the best care possible is our priority. At this time, we are seeing an increased amount of actively sick COVID-19 patients inside the clinic, so we are requiring EVERYONE to wear a face mask while inside our facility. The rapid Antigen test has same day results while the PCR test is sent to outside lab with 24-72 hours for results. We do file to insurance for those that are experiencing symptoms, although depending on your insurance policy, there may be some patient responsibility, co-pay or deductible to meet. We also have self-pay pricing of $200 for the rapid antigen test and $155 for the PCR test. This includes testing and an evaluation and treatment of your symptoms, if any is necessary. Once a patient with confirmed COVID-19 has completed quarantine (at least 5 days since symptom onset, fever free for 24 hours without medication and symptoms have improved) we do not recommend re-testing but do recommend wearing a mask around others for at least an additional five days. Patients may still test positive for several weeks after quarantine is complete, however the patient is no longer contagious and may return to normal activity.

For those patients who are wanting the anti-viral, PAXLOVID, the provider will determine this on a case-by-case basis based on the patient’s risk factors, medical history, and other medications. Please make sure you bring a complete list of all current medications.

If you are requiring Covid-19 testing for travel or an event, those tests will no longer be filed to insurance. The Covid-19 Rapid antigen test is $75.00 and the PCR send out to lab is $30.00 collected at clinic and the lab bills the patient $65.00 separately.

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