TMJ Pain Relief

TMJ Columbus, OH

Treatment for Pain of the TMJ from Your Columbus, OH Dentist

TMJ treatment, referred to by some dentists as TMJ therapy, involves a few options. Because TMJ is most commonly the result of TMJ Pain Relief Columbus, OHa misaligned bite, which places stress on joints and muscles, Dr. Slabach, your dentist near Columbus, will first identify and correct the unstable bite so that the teeth, the joints, and the muscles are all aligned. Using precise instruments to first relax your jaw muscles, your dentist can determine the correct bite that provides the healthiest, most relaxed state of the muscles, eliminating the tension, which causes pain. 

TMJ mouthguards may also be an option for treating TMJ—soft, plastic protectors that slip over the upper and lower teeth to prevent grinding. Mouthguards make it difficult to clench the jaws, a leading cause of TMJ pain. Your dentist may also recommend routine jaw exercises to ease the clenching or grinding that is contributing to the stress on the lower jaw.   

Whether your TMJ disorder is a problem that developed over time or has recently entered your life, the pain and symptoms associated with this disorder can often disrupt your lifestyle. If you are suffering from chronic headaches and/or a painful neck, schedule an appointment with your dentist. You may be suffering from disorder of the TMJ in Columbus, OH. 

Dr. Dawne Slabach, your Columbus, OH dentist, is trained to handle and promote complete healing in Columbus for TMJ disorders. 

Do you feel a clicking when you open your jaw?  Do you experience pain or jaw locking?