Antonio Castaneda, MD, PA 
 1125 S. Henderson Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

April 30, 2024

Dear Patient,

Please be advised that my medical practice will close on June 14, 2024. I am relocating and will not be able to attend to your medical needs after that time.

You should choose another doctor to be your general surgeon soon. You may contact the Tarrant County Medical Society  to assist you in selecting your new doctor if you need help in finding one: the webpage to find the DIRECTORY then tab Surgery, General.

Your medical records are confidential. Therefore, if needed, please fill out and return the enclosed authorization form to my office before May 31, 2024, so we can transfer copies of your medical record to your new general surgeon or primary care doctor.

 After JUNE 14, 2024, all patient records will be sent to Desert River Solutions to be the custodian of medical records. To request your medical record please visit the site below to sign and return the medical release form. All instructions are on that webpage:

 Below are all other contacts for Desert River Solutions:
 [email protected] (Email)
480-577-3150 (Phone)
520-214-0068 (Fax)

Thank you for your loyalty. I am sorry I cannot continue to be your general surgeon. I wish you the best of health in the future.


Antonio Castaneda, MD