3 Signs You Might Need to See Your Family Dentist

3 Signs You Might Need to See Your Family Dentist

It’s understandable that your current schedule may make it difficult to see the dentist, but neglecting your regular appointments can lead to a number of complications over time. Grand Rapids family dentist Dr. Jonathan Eagle treats a variety of dental problems that could have been avoided if the patient had made the important decision to come in for a visit as early as possible. Here are three clear signs that it’s time to make an appointment to see your family dentist for a checkup.dentist

Oral Pain 
The most glaring sign that it’s time to see your family dentist is when you have any type of oral pain. That pain may be in the inner nerves of your teeth, the gums or even from the surface of your tongue. Oral pain is an indication that something is wrong, whether there’s a hole in the tooth (cracked or cavity), infection or an inflammation of the gum tissue. If you have of oral pain that makes it difficult carry on with a normal day, see Grand Rapids family dentist Dr. Eagle as soon as possible.

Gums Are Bleeding
Do your gums bleed when you brush? If so, and this happens often, that isn’t normal—bleeding gums may be an early indication of gum disease like periodontitis or gingivitis. These conditions have to be resolved immediately with deep cleanings, scaling and root planing and possibly dental surgery to remove the bacteria and prevent tooth loss. Grand Rapids family dentist Dr. Jonathan Eagle can diagnose and treat bleeding gums.

Missing Teeth Are Making it Difficult to Chew or Talk
Some people are able to live with one or more missing teeth without a problem, but others have a hard time managing without them. Your teeth are an important part of your digestive health—if you can’t properly chew and process your food you could put a strain on your digestive system. Missing teeth can also make it difficult to talk, smile and pronounce words properly in company. So if these are concerns that you have, contact your family dentist to talk about options for temporary or permanent tooth replacements.

See Your Trusted Family Dentist Today
If you’re experiencing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to get help or at the very least a consultation. Contact Grand Rapids family dentist Dr. Jonathan Eagle at (616) 361-9330 to talk to a friendly staff member, or visit his website at http://www.eagledds.com to request a visit from your cellphone or browser.