Four Benefits of Whiter Teeth

Four Benefits of Whiter Teeth

Before whitening products and dental solutions hit the market, many Americans had to settle for a less than stellar shade for their teeth. Now it's possible to walk into your dentist's office then back out in an hour with considerably brighter teeth. Consider these four benefits of getting whiter teeth from Grand Rapids dentist Dr. Jonathan Eagle.

1. Youthful Features
If you’re concerned about maintaining a youthful appearance, one benefit of whiter teeth is that they make you look younger. Yellow, dull Cosmetic Dentistryand discolored teeth are one common symptom associated with the process of aging. The older a person gets the more wear and tear start to show up on the teeth. A whitening appointment can zap youth right back into your smile. 

2. More Confidence When Dating
Another advantage of whiter teeth is that it gives you more confidence when you’re on dates and in close, friendly settings. Have you ever been on a date and found yourself hiding your smile or trying not to smile for fear of what the other person would think of your teeth? After tooth whitening, you’ll start to feel much more relaxed and willing to smile around others.

3. Promotions at Work
Experts have also found that having a whiter smile may have benefits on the job. People who have more attractive smiles tend to do better at work and are more likely to get important promotions. If you’re up for a promotion at work soon or just want to improve your confidence on the job, consider a tooth whitening session with Grand Rapids dentist Dr. Eagle. 

4. Higher Self-Esteem
The best benefit of having a whiter smile is that it does wonders for your self-esteem. You’ll start to see the change in the mirror soon after your appointment with Dr. Eagle. The more you see your new, beautiful smile, the better you’ll feel about the face you’re presenting to the world each day.

Are You Ready for Whiter Teeth?
In-office whitening solutions are available that can brighten your teeth by eight shades or more. If you feel it’s time for whiter teeth, contact the office of Grand Rapids dentist Dr. Jonathan Eagle today by calling (616) 361-9330. You can also request an appointment online at .