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Protect Your Kids in the Summer Heat

hydrated childThe summer is an exciting time for kids and their families, but young children don’t understand the potential repercussions of playing in the sun too long without protection. That’s why it’s so important for parents to educate and protect them about skin care on sunny days. Here are a few simple tips to protect your kids (and yourself) in the summer heat from pediatrics Kennesaw Dr. Kola Ologunja of Spectrum Pediatric Group.

Hydrate Them

Make sure that your children have plenty of water all day long if they’re going to be in the summer heat. The hot sun can literally suck water from a person’s body, resulting in dehydration. Children are more susceptible to becoming dehydrated because their body-surface (skin) to body-weight ratio is so much greater than adults. Ensure that your kids drink plenty of water (not soda, not juice, water) throughout the day while they’re outside. Also, for backyard fun, Kennesaw pediatrician Dr. Ologunja suggests that you make sure that there are plenty of sprinklers running all around the yard for kids to run through and toys that involve water to help keep them hydrated as well.

Sunscreen Them

When the sun is at its highest and strongest during the day sunscreen is not an option—it’s an absolute necessity for both children and adults. Experts recommend an SPF of 15 or greater for children. The general rule of thumb is to multiply the SPF by 10 to determine how long someone can stay outside without burning. Apply the sunscreen a minimum of 30 minutes before going outside into the sun. Choose a sunscreen that stays waterproof for an extended period of time if you’re going to a beach or pool. Kids six months and younger should not be in the sun at all.

Shade Them

Any opportunity to stay out of the direct sun is optimal when you’re having family fun with the kids. Whenever possible pick a spot outside where your family can enjoy the shade. Sure, the kids may run around in the sun for a while, but they should have a cool, shaded place to relax and eat.
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