What Is ADHD?

What Is ADHD?

ADHD is an abbreviation for a condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. According to the Centers for Disease Control and adhdPrevention, ADHD affects as many as 6.4 million children across the U.S. between the ages of four and seventeen. For children and teens with ADHD, school can be a challenging place as individuals with ADHD often have trouble concentrating and remaining focused. At Spectrum Pediatric Group, your doctor’s office for pediatrics in Kennesaw, GA, Dr. Kola Ologunja can diagnose and treat ADHD.

ADHD Symptoms

There are a variety of symptoms associated with ADHD. If your child exhibits several of these symptoms on a regular basis, your child could possibly have ADHD. Visit your Kennesaw pediatrics office for an accurate diagnosis. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, the doctor can recommend an appropriate treatment plan for your child’s specific symptoms and needs. Boys and girls can both be diagnosed with ADHD; however, it tends to be more common in boys than girls. Symptoms of ADHD can include:

  • Difficulty staying focused in school
  • Trouble concentrating on homework
  • Inability to remain organized
  • Difficulty listening to others
  • Hyperactive behavior
  • Tendency to regularly procrastinate
  • Persistent forgetfulness
  • Constant fidgeting
  • Distracted easily
  • Strained relationships with peers

Treatment of ADHD

ADHD cannot be completely cured or eliminated. However, there are treatments that can help individuals with ADHD manage their symptoms so they can better focus and concentrate when needed. Treatment of ADHD can include medication and/or behavioral therapy. Medications are used to control specific symptoms of ADHD. For instance, some medications can minimize hyperactivity and improve concentration.

Behavioral therapy is a method for teaching young people with ADHD different techniques for managing hyperactive behavior and improving concentration. Behavioral therapy can also include positive reinforcement when kids exhibit desired behaviors, such as completing a homework assignment without procrastinating or getting sidetracked. Positive reinforcement helps boost self-esteem, as well.

Structured environments, such as school, can be more challenging for children and teens with ADHD who struggle with remaining focused. Peer interactions can be difficult, as well. Fortunately, there are various treatment options that can help individuals with ADHD manage their symptoms and be successful. If you are concerned your child might have ADHD, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ologunja by contacting Spectrum Pediatric Group, your Kennesaw pediatrics office, at (770) 966-0778.