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What is Bronchiolitis?

BronchiolitisBronchiolitis is a respiratory problem that could lead to a serious illness if it’s not treated promptly. Learn more about this pediatric issue and how it can be treated at Spectrum Pediatric Group in Kennesaw.

What Is Bronchiolitis?
The bronchioles are small air passageways located in the lungs. When they become infected, it is a condition called bronchiolitis. This is an issue that most commonly occurs in infants, but can also affect older children. The symptoms are similar to a cold or allergies: coughing, fever, runny nose and wheezing. When an infant has bronchiolitis, it’s important that it is treated by Kennesaw pediatrics staff as soon as possible to ensure a fast recovery. 

What Causes This Condition?
Doctors believe that a virus called RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is the cause of bronchiolitis. Germs are often passed to young children by adults or teenagers—these germs affect children more because they haven’t built up an immunity to them yet. This is why it’s important to ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before handling an infant. Exposure to secondhand smoke can also increase the chance of a young child getting bronchiolitis. 

Treating Bronchiolitis
The common treatment for bronchiolitis is medicine prescribed by your pediatrician and plenty of fluids. Mucus should be manually removed from the passageways if the child has a stuffy nose or trouble breathing. Some children may be prescribed bronchodilator medicine to reduce the chance of complications related to allergies. In advanced cases, the child may need oxygen and close monitoring by a doctor.

Call for Assistance
If you’re concerned about bronchiolitis or you just want to schedule a checkup for your child, call Spectrum Pediatric Group in Kennesaw at 770-966-0778. A friendly member of the pediatrics staff will be happy to assist you.