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Why Immunizations Are Important

Find out why your child should never skip out on immunizations.

Parents will agree: their child’s health is of the utmost importance. And anytime you can protect them from illness you would, wouldn’t you? That’s why you should make sure your child sees their Kennesaw, GA pediatrician, Dr. Kola Ologunja, routinely as they develop to ensure that they are protected from some of the preventable but life-threatening diseases that still exist.

It’s always better to prevent disease than to treat it. This is why immunizations for your little one are so important. Here are only some of the reasons why your child should be getting vaccinated regularly:

Protect Your Child From Disease

This is probably obvious, but vaccines are a great way to help a child build immunity to certain life-threatening diseases. When a child is first infected with a virus, the immune system creates antibiotics to help fight the infection. Unfortunately, the immune system doesn’t always work as fast as it needs to and a child becomes ill. However, the immune system will now remember that specific virus and know how to attack it faster in the future. Vaccines are the best way to help a child build immunity to a disease safely.

As your Kennesaw children’s doctor will tell you a vaccine contains the antigens (also referred to as “foreign invaders”) of a disease, but they are either killed or weakened enough that they won’t actually produce the disease. But a vaccine will cause your child’s immune system to still produce the antibodies needed to buildup immunity to that specific virus. Therefore, the child develops the protection they need to stay healthy without ever needing to be sick.

Protect The Community

By immunizing your child, you are also helping to protect the community’s health, particularly those who cannot be immunized against certain illnesses. Often times, children are too young to be vaccinated for certain disease or there are certain medical conditions that prevent someone from immunizations. By making sure your child is up-to-date on their vaccines, not only will you keep your child healthy but you’ll also be doing your part to make sure that everyone in your family and in the community remain healthy, too.

Whether your child is dealing with the flu or needs to schedule their next immunization turn to your Kennesaw, GA children's doctor at Spectrum Pediatric Groups for all of your child’s health concerns. Call our office today.