You may or may not remember that I had a very traumatic experience a number of years ago with another dentist that caused me a level of pain I would never want to experience again. Through the last six months as I've slowly had my broken tooth repaired (crown) and various cavities filled and my as yet to be performed deep root scaling by Christina, it has been as pain free as I could have imagined.

I definitely wanted to write you and praise your efforts!




Thanks so much for your heart felt concern regarding my high blood pressure. For me not to seek and get help was just stupidity. To not listen to you twice-I just could not do! Your coming into my place of employment and talking to me again pushed me to go get help.

To say the least, Patient First (Dr.) was shocked about my high blood pressure and stated that your guidance saved me from very serious consequences.

Thanks again.

Your devoted patient,



I know how it must sound, but I feel blessed to have found Dr. Stoner. I don't think I knew how bad my problems were until I found Dr. Stoner and I actually got some relief! I was so self conscious and uncomfortable. He saved my smile! My family is so happy to see me smile again. And I have a lot to be smiling about these days, thanks to Dr. Stoner!"



Dr. Ken Stoner has been my dentist for many years and there's a good reason - he's a good dentist. Make that a great dentist. Dr. Stoner is skillful, knowledgeable, experienced, careful and compassionate. He's taken good care of my teeth through both routine and more complicated procedures and I've never failed to be satisfied with the outcomes.

The staff members at Dr. Stoner's office are great, too. All his staff members exhibit the same high standard of quality as Dr. Stoner, from the hygienist to the front desk staff.

I always recommend Dr. Stoner to my friends and family when they need a new dentist or are less than satisfied with their existing care.