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  • What Are the Different Types of Oral Surgery?
    You’ve just learned that you need to undergo some kind of “oral surgery” to address whatever oral health issue you have. This could be an overwhelming thing to process for Read more
  • FAQS about Oral Surgery
    Do you need to undergo oral surgery? Wondering what to expect? We have the answers. Whether our Glenview, IL, dentists have told you that you need to undergo surgery for Read more
  • Need Oral Surgery? We Can Help
    Do you need oral surgery from your Glenview, IL, dentists? Oral surgery procedures are used to treat infections, relieve pain, restore function, or improve an individual's appearance. Oral Surgery Procedures with your Glenview Dentist Dental Read more
  • Common Oral Surgery Procedures and Their Benefits
    There is a branch of dentistry that specifically deals with oral maxillofacial surgery and treatments. It is focused on correcting dental ailments using surgeries of the mouth, including the jawbone, Read more
  • Reasons You May Need Oral Surgery
    Oral surgery can help you protect your smile and relieve painful conditions. Our Glenview, IL, dentists, Dr. Sean Cullinan, Dr. Stella Haralampopoulous, and Dr. Alex Figuero, share a few reasons Read more
  • What Type of Oral Surgery Could I Need?
    How oral surgery from Glenview could help you Oral surgery can save you from tooth pain and benefit your smile. Modern oral surgery techniques and technology can make your appointment more Read more
  • Glenview Dentists Offers Oral Surgery
    The realm of dentistry is expanding faster and wider than most people can even imagine. Gone are the days of the primeval dentistry on the Western frontier, when the local Read more
  • Oral Surgery Today
    Oral Surgery Glenview, IL Oral Surgery Today As a Glenview dentist, I often meet with patients who have problems that require oral surgery to resolve. While the word “surgery” can invoke fear, Read more


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