Dental Crowns Bring Function Back to Damaged Teeth

Working with the best dentist in Lincoln, NE, allows you to take control of your oral health issues quickly and efficiently. For example, Blome Family Dentistry (staffed by renowned experts Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels) can help to install a crown on a busted or cracked tooth to protect your overall oral health. Doing so can protect you from a surprising range of oral health problems. 

How a Crown Restores Teeth

A high-quality dental crown is designed to cover damaged spots on your tooth without requiring a lot of adjustment to the enamel or without removing the tooth entirely. Typically, a damaged tooth is first filed slightly to make the top surface even and easier to work with during the application process. A mold is then taken of the tooth's surface, and a metal crown is created to fit that surface. 

The crown then performs a series of protective steps that helps to keep your oral health strong. First of all, it helps prevent decay in other areas of the tooth, such as getting deeper into the roots. And an adequately applied crown can also help keep your oral health strong and secure by:

  • Holding a dead tooth together for longer to keep it from falling apart after the dead pulp is removed
  • Preventing the need for root canals or other long-term treatment methods by keeping your tooth safe 
  • Providing an attractive cosmetic improvement for your tooth that will last for years
  • Permanently protecting your tooth, as long as you work with a dentist, Lincoln, NE, can trust 
  • Enhancing your overall oral health by keeping your smile strong and secure, and handsome
  • Keeping your jaw bone from degrading or losing strength as you age by minimizing tooth loss
  • Improving your self-esteem by reducing the extent of oral health damage in your mouth

Thankfully, dentists can provide multiple crowns in one sitting, allowing you to fix multiple teeth at once. This type of high-quality protection is crucial as a way of preventing worsening oral health. In addition, if you install crowns soon enough, there's a good chance that you won't need to get other repairs, such as a bridge, or even replaced with an implant.

Take Great Care of Your Teeth 

Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels can help you if you need a tremendous dental crown. At Blome Family Dentistry, they provide Lincoln, NE, with a dentist who has their best needs in mind. So please don't hesitate to call at 402-483-7000 right away and set an appointment. You make it easier to protect yourself and cut back on the potential dangers of long-term damage by getting a crown.

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