Teaching Your Children Proper Dental Habits

Here are some techniques for how to help your child maintain good oral health.

There are many ways to ensure that your child’s growing smile stays healthy and free from decay and gum disease. After all, the dental habits you practice today were taught to you by your parents when you were little, and now you can teach your child the very same habits. From the office of our Lincoln, NE, dentists Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels, here are some oral care habits to instill in your child early on.

Brushing and Flossing

Your child won’t be able to start brushing their own teeth until 8 years old and flossing until they are 10 years old, which means that it’s the responsibility of the parent; however, you can still explain to them how you are brushing and flossing their teeth and why it’s so important. Also let them watch you brush and floss, which shows that you prioritize your own oral health. Make morning and nighttime routines a teachable moment.

Still having challenges getting your child to brush and floss? Create a reward chart and every time they brush in the morning and at night, put a sticker on the chart. At the end of the week, let them redeem a full row of stickers for a night at the movies or a special treat.

Staying Hydrated

Water offers two major benefits to your smile: 1. It helps to remove food and debris from teeth and gums and 2. It contain fluorides, which can prevent cavities from developing. While bottled water doesn’t typically contain fluoride, tap water does. Avoid sports drinks, sodas and juices and try and have your child stick to water as much as possible. Our Lincoln, NE, family dentists we may also provide fluoride treatment during your child’s routine checkups if they aren’t getting enough fluoride.

Visiting the Dentist

Every child should start seeing the dentist for regular checkups by their first birthday. These checkups help prevent cavities and gum disease while also allows our dentist to track developmental milestones and to detect problems early on so we can provide early treatment and interventions. Since some dental problems can affect speech and chewing, it’s important that your child comes in every six months for checkups.

No matter whether you are dealing with dental problems or you just need to schedule routine cleanings for the family, our Lincoln, NE, dentists can provide your whole family with gentle, welcoming, and customized care. Call Blome Family Dentistry today at (402) 483-7000.

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