Benefits of Physicals at Home

A physical exam is a comprehensive assessment that includes observation, palpation (feeling with the fingers), and auscultation (listening to body sounds with a stethoscope). Your child must have an annual physical examination to determine whether they are healthy enough to attend school. It's also an opportunity to catch any problems early when they're most treatable and a chance to bring your child's immunizations up to date. We take extended measures to ensure the safety of our patients. Dr. Mairead (Mame) Wilson, and Dr. Scott Blanchard at Personal Pediatrics on the South Shore, provide concierge medical care for children, including house calls. They proudly serve residents of Hanover, Hingham, Cohasset, Norwell, Scituate, Marshfield, and Duxbury, MA and some other areas in close proximity.

Benefits Of Physicals At Home

Everything feels more satisfactory in the comfort of your own home. That's why the doctors at Personal Pediatrics offers physicals at home to children who require them. Most children aren't partial to waiting, and at-home visits eliminate the waiting room. When one of our doctors visits to perform the exam, you can expect them to check vitals such as weight, heart rate, and blood pressure. They may also ask questions about family, medical, and vaccination history, as well as existing health concerns or previous injuries. Routine physical examinations ensure your child remains healthy and are a preventive measure against harmful illnesses and diseases. An at-home visit also helps your pediatrician monitor your child's physical, behavioral, and emotional health and take the necessary steps to prevent, detect, and manage any health problems.

Another advantage of a pediatrician performing physicals at home is that your child will be less anxious about the visit. With that said, it's a good idea to calm their nerves and assure them that they can ask any questions they want during their examination. Call (781) 783-8427 for questions, more information about physicals at home in Hanover, MA, or to make an appointment with Dr. Mairead (Mame) Wilson, and Dr. Scott Blanchard at Personal Pediatrics. In addition to at-home physicals, we also provide at-home vaccinations and wellness visits.

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