Why You Should Consider Veneers

Are dental veneers in your future? Find out if this cosmetic treatment is right for you.

While there are many ways in which our Allentown, PA, dentist Dr. Robert Sanford can help you achieve the smile you want, dental veneers have become a popular cosmetic treatment that can truly transform a smile permanently. By bonding custom-made and crafted-just-for-you porcelain shells to the front of your teeth, we can easily give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Here are some of the top reasons to say “yes” to veneers,

You Want to Feel Confident

We all know how great someone feels after they change their hair or they get a makeover, so it’s no surprise that revamping and improving your smile will go a long way to improving your appearance as a whole. People who are in love with their smiles also feel more confident, and why shouldn’t they? They look and feel great and no longer have to worry about hiding their less-than-perfect smiles.

You Want to Look Younger

Your smile could indeed be aging you. If your smile is yellowing, discolored, or misshapen you may not realize it but it could be adding years to your appearance. Fortunately, by correcting their smiles with dental veneers, our Allentown, PA, patients are reaping the youthful benefits that these cosmetic restorations offer.

You Have Slightly Crooked Teeth

Do your teeth slightly overlap or are there gaps between your teeth? You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who has perfectly straight teeth. While these issues may not be bad enough for you to consider braces, you may still feel a little self-conscious about your smile. Did you know that veneers could give you a straighter smile without ever having to wear braces? While veneers aren’t designed to correct or realign teeth, they can hide minor crowding, overlapping, or gaps between teeth.

You Have Discolorations in Your Smile

Not all stains are created equal. While yellowing stains caused by age and diet can easily be wiped away with professional teeth whitening, this isn’t always the case for internal stains or deep stains caused by smoking, trauma, or antibiotic use. If you are dealing with these stains, whitening might not be right for you but veneers can easily brighten your smile. Also, patients who have dental work that can’t whiten with professional teeth whitening may find veneers to be a better solution for getting a more radiant smile.

If you are interested in sitting down with our Allentown, PA, family dentist Dr. Sanford to discuss whether veneers are right for you, all you have to do is call Sanford Center For Total Health Dentistry at (610) 820-6000 to schedule your initial consultation with us. Your new smile is waiting! Call today.

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