Diabetes Treatment Options

Diabetes Treatment in Humble, TX depends on the type of diabetes that you have. If you think you may have diabetes, Dr. Juan Zubieta of North Houston Diabetes Institute specializes in the treatment of diabetes and will work with you to design a personalized plan for your particular case. Diabetes is not something that you should try to manage on your own.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes because it most often occurs in children, teens, and young adults. It can, however, happen to someone at any age. In this type of diabetes, the pancreas is not making enough insulin or is not making any insulin. This means that you have to inject insulin or have an insulin pump. This is not something that will go away. It lasts forever.  Insulin is a hormone your body needs to process the sugar in your blood. If it isn't managed, there are serious consequences for your health. Dr. Zubieta will work with you to determine which of the five types of insulin available works best for you. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes can also happen at any point in your life but, unlike Type 1 Diabetes, you may be able to control this type of diabetes without having to inject insulin. Certain risk factors make you more likely to get this type of diabetes and some, like age, ethnicity, race, and family history you can't control. You can, however, make sure that you maintain a healthy weight and get enough exercise. Making smart eating choices also helps, like cutting down on carbs, adding fiber to your diet, and drinking lots of water. If you smoke, you should stop. All of these things can help you to manage your diabetes. There are medications that can help, and your doctor may recommend some dietary supplements to help control your diabetes.

Getting the right diabetes treatment in Humble, TX can help you to live as healthy a life as possible. You just need to be aware of the part that food plays in your body's metabolism and adjust your habits accordingly. With a doctor to help, you can live a long and normal life even though you have diabetes.

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