FAQs About Weight Loss

Dr. Juan Carlos Zubieta of the North Houston Diabetes Institute understands the importance of weight loss in Humble, TX, as it relates to diabetes. Below are some answers to FAQs that you may have.

How Vital Are Calories?

There is no universal number of calories required by humans. It depends on several factors, including age, gender, and metabolism. Nevertheless, the average female requires 2,200 kcal daily, while the average male needs 2,700.

Calories are essential for maintaining a stable body weight. Many of us need to pay more attention to the number of calories we consume.

What Is Your Metabolism?

Metabolism is a process in which the body uses energy to carry out everyday activities. The primary source of energy for the body is food. The body uses metabolism to digest foods and convert nutrients into fuel to provide energy for all bodily functions. It also provides power for breathing and circulating blood.

Some factors that affect metabolism are age, gender, diet, and exercise. Lifestyle changes can also help with your metabolism. 

To What Extent Do Genetics Affect Weight?

The relationship between genes and weight is an interesting one. Scientists have found numerous genetic variants associated with obesity. Researchers have shown that certain people's DNA blueprints change in response to their environment. This allows them to become slim or overweight.

Some researchers believe that how you eat and exercise influences your weight loss in Humble, TX. But other factors, including the environment, contribute more.

Do Fad Diets Work at Keeping Weight Off?

A fad diet is a temporary solution that promises quick results. It usually involves cutting out certain food groups or taking supplements. Unfortunately, most people can't sustain this kind of diet long-term.

Many people will try fad diets because they want to look or feel better. But fad diets are short-term fixes that do not work long-term. The biggest problem with fad diets is that they don't address the root causes of being overweight. 

Are Diet Foods Good for Losing Weight?

One of the best things to include in your diet is protein. Protein helps you feel fuller, which will reduce your appetite. Another benefit is that it can help stabilize your blood sugar. The most important thing to remember is to limit your intake of high-fat, calorie-dense foods. Eating less of these foods can help you lose weight.

Additionally, fiber is integral to a healthy diet, as it helps fill your stomach and keep you full for extended periods. Call the North Houston Diabetes Institute at (832) 644-9595 to schedule your weight loss consultation in Humble, TX, with Dr. Zubieta.

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