• Why You Should Consider Invisalign
    Crooked or misaligned teeth can prevent you from feeling comfortable showing off your smile in public and can stop you from feeling comfortable in social situations. Invisalign is an easy Read more
  • Should I Try Invisalign?
    When patients ask Dr. Banafsheh Goujani and Dr. Robert Boff about who benefits from Invisalign clear aligners, the simple answer is this: almost everyone. Unlike conventional braces, they are removable, Read more
  • Kid-Friendly Snacks That Are Good For Teeth
    What kid doesn’t love to snack? Unfortunately, children like to reach for the unhealthy foods in the refrigerator and cabinet. This means candy, cookies, chocolate, and soda, which leads to cavities Read more
  • The Benefits of Professional Take-Home Whitening Trays
    Ramsey Family Dental is the perfect place to get your teeth treated through cosmetic dentistry here in Ramsey, NJ. Dr. Robert Boff and Dr. Banafsheh Goujani can provide necessary treatment. Read more
  • Why You Should See A Family Dentist
    Are you concerned about finding a dentist for each member of your family? If the answer is yes, you may want to see a family dentist in Ramsey, NJ. Come Read more

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