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Dental Uses For Botox

The dental profession is constantly changing as new procedures and skillsets are added to keep mouths healthy. One of the latest breakthroughs in the dental industry is dental botox in Pittsburgh, PA. Botox was once used only to treat wrinkles and lines on a person’s face. But now, it can be used for a wide range of issues. Dr. John Sartorio is just the dentist to help you with your dental needs.

The Uses that Dental Botox Can Be Used

Dental Botox in Pittsburgh, PA, is relatively invasive, and it can be used without causing a lot of other problems. Here are some ways that it can be used in your dental office.

  • Patients that suffer from Edentulous find that the Botox helps relax the muscles around their dentures, so they fit better. Age has a way of changing the shape of the mouth. And in some cases, dentures no longer fit.
  • People who suffer from a high lip line find that Dental Botox helps relax those muscles causing the problem. The procedure is easy to administrate with training. And patients find that they are out of the office in a short amount of time.
  • Patients that have to live with TMJ find that Botox takes the pain away as the muscles are relaxed after each injection. It is a great option to help reduce pain in the jaw area.
  • Bruxism can also be reduced with Botox injections.

There are many things that dental botox in Pittsburgh, PA, can help patients who suffer from painful dental issues. The muscles around the mouth and jaw area can get out of line, and Botox is just the thing to help solve the problem.

If you have any questions, you are invited to call us at (412) 831-8700 today. We can answer all of your questions and even set your first appointment. Dr. Sartorio's dental botox is a safe way to help with moderate to severe dental issues in Pittsburgh, PA.

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