• Arrhythmias and Heart Rhythm Disorders: Causes and Treatments
    Your heart has a very important job. It maintains a heartbeat that helps blood flow throughout the body. It’s important that your heartbeat stays regular to make sure that everything Read more
  • What Causes Chest Pain?
    Chest Pain can be very distressing. The first thought is that it is a heart attack, and while it could be, there are quite a few other things that can Read more
  • FAQs About Cardiac Clearance
    Fort Bend Cardiologist, a Leader in Education Dr. Naim Al-Adli, licensed and board-certified in cardiovascular disease and Cardiac Clearance testing, heads up the Fort Bend Heart Center in Sugar Land, TX. Patients Read more
  • Heart Palpitations Treatment Options
    More than likely, you’ve been in a situation where your heart begins to race and flutter. This feeling can be uncomfortable and strange when it first occurs. This is a Read more
  • Possible Causes of Chest Pain
    Chest pain can come from a variety of sources ranging from gas to cardiac arrest. Because of this, it is important to be mindful of chest pain if you are Read more
  • Suffering From Shortness of Breath?
    How your cardiologist in Sugar Land, TX, can help protect your heart If you are exercising, it’s normal to experience shortness of breath, especially if you aren’t in good physical condition. Read more
  • When Is Cardiac Clearance Needed?
    If you’re undergoing surgery and complicated medical procedures, you may need to obtain cardiac clearance. And if you're looking for cardiac clearance in Sugar Land, TX contact Dr. Naim Al-Adli Read more
  • Struggling With Chest Pain
    Fort Bend Heart Center and Dr. Naim Al-Adli can help manage a variety of common health problems, including chest pain symptoms in Sugar Land, TX. When you have pain in Read more
  • What Is Causing My Shortness of Breath?
    Shortness Of Breath is a serious issue and one that needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Dr. Naim Al-Adli of Fort Bend Heart Center in Sugar Land, TX Read more
  • What Causes Varicose Veins
    Are your varicose veins causing pain and discomfort or making you feel unhappy with your appearance? Treatments offered by your cardiologist in Sugar Land, TX, Dr. Naim Al-Adli of Fort Read more
  • What Are Heart Palpitations?
    Find out what heart palpitations could be trying to tell you about your heart health. Experiencing a flutter in your chest? If so, you may be experiencing heart palpitations. While some Read more
  • Stress & Your Heart
    How your cardiologist in Sugar Land, TX, can help your heart Stress can wreak havoc on your body, especially your heart. Increased blood pressure and cholesterol are just two of the Read more
  • The Difference Between Spider Veins & Varicose Veins
    How your cardiologist in Sugar Land, TX, can help with spider veins and varicose veins If you have red lines on your legs and feet, you may be wondering if they Read more
  • What to do When your Experiencing Shortness Of Breath
    How your cardiologist in Sugar Land, TX, can help you feel better If you have ever experienced shortness of breath, you know how scary it can be. Every breath you take Read more
  • Is It Safe for Me To Get Surgery?
    If you’ve ever struggled with cardiac issues, you may have worried about whether or not certain surgeries are safe for you. When you need surgery, you can work directly with Read more
  • What Causes Heart Palpitations?
    Have you been experiencing heart palpitations lately? Your Sugar Land, TX, cardiologist, Dr. Naim Al-Adli of Fort Bend Heart Center, can help you determine if the palpitations are harmless or Read more

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