I love this dentist. They are all very good at what they do and everyone feels like family. They are so warm and friendly!

They normally get me right in, so there's not much waiting around. Sometimes I have a lot of questions about my teeth and they are always very helpful.

Free toothbrush and toothpaste with every visit is always great too!

- Kyle Gurr via Google

Dr. Wiest is a very capable, efficient, caring, kind dentist. The friendly dental and office staff all do their parts to take care of the patients in a professional manner. There seems to be an excellent harmony and rapport between them. I gladly travel 45 miles one way to keep my appointments because I know I’ll receive excellent care.

- Marianne Burton via Google

I have been going to Gary since I was a kid and the idea of going to anyone else is never crossed my mind. He is so personable and love how quick he is to take care of his clients. I highly recommend him to everyone I know

- Brittnie Ivie via Google

Our family lives in Salt Lake, but we go to Provo Dental for all of our dental needs even though it means driving 1 hour each way.

Dr Wiest and his staff are fantastic!!! They are like family. They are friendly, professional and so willing to help us.

No one looks forward to going to the dentist but if you want a healthy mouth or need dental work to take care of issues there is no better place to go than to Dr Gary Wiest at Provo Dental.

- Cornell Porter via Google

Dr Wiest and his wife and entire staff are just wonderful! They are very friendly and professional. I have referred many family members to this office and they are very happy coming to this office as well.

- Karen Baum via Google

Dr. Gary Wiest, DMD and his staff were friendly and professional. Dr. Wiest repaired my front cap (broken off at the gum line) in such a manner as I could not even tell it had been broken at all. Since I do not have dental insurance, I was given a nice non-insurance discount and the total cost was more than reasonable. I am returning to his office in about 2 weeks to have more extensive work done. I highly recommend Dr. Gary Wiest for any dental work you need!

- Steven Latauska via Google

My family and I have been going here for several years now, and we love the care we have been given. Specially my kids, they’re always super excited to get their cleanings done. The staff is super nice and friendly.

- Jessica Cruz via Google

Dr. Wiest is so calm and informative, comforts even the biggest of babies. My two adult children... furthermore I feel trust and like part of the family with the close nit staff. Questions are always answered with respect, and you just feel like the Dr and his staff won't leave you in the dark on any subject. Thanks for the warmth and kindness.

- Sue Dixon via Google

Great service. During my visit they took pictures of the issues they needed to fix and had a live view of my teeth. I could clearly see what was wrong and what needed to be done.

- Grant Lingard via Google

Dr. Gary Wiest is a very caring doctor. I thoroughly enjoy the friendly staff and he has done excellent dental work for me and our whole family. He would go out of his way to help anyone. He is very committed to his patients and to his profession. As an example, he is past President of the Utah Dental Association. I highly recommend him.

- Cheri McClean via Google

Been going here for years. Dr. Wiest and his staff are always friendly, he uses all the latest dental technology, and their office is run like a well-oiled machine. Highly recommend Provo Dental.

- Chad Duncan via Google

My husband went to this dentist for a tooth ache. The x ray showed no infection and he still removed the root on my husband's tooth. My husband left in more pain then he went in with, he now has to get a root canal finished that he didn't need or want in the 1st place. He told the dentist he wanted to give some time before the root canal and told the dentist he didn't have time to do it that day and the dentist still removed the root anyway. We would not recommend this dentist to anyone

- Shawna Keith via Google

Cleaning and exam was thorough and professional. The staff, including Dr. Wiest, were personable, friendly, and engaging. It was a happy, pleasant experience!

- Kathy Smith via Google

I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Weist!! Him and his staff are extremely sweet, efficient, and always doing their best to provide wonderful care. I have been going there for over 15 ears. And will continue going back.

- Misty Johnson via Google

They were friendly, considerate of my preferences and Dr Kevin was very knowledgeable

- Nathan Lythgoe via Google

Provo Dental has been my family's dentist for more than 11 years and we have enjoyed a great relationship with the caring providers and staff. They are extremely skillful, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Honestly, I feel like they're part of our family.

- Kraig Packer via Google

We are always pleasantly greeted when we walk in. Very friendly staff who always remember you and take time to talk with you. Any problems or concerns are always addressed and taken care of in a timely manner. Always a positive experience!!!

- Heidi Gammon via Google

Good work and good people. Great experience.

- Gary Sorrells via Google

Dr. Wiest and his staff are amazing! We’ve been patients for more than half a decade, and we’ve never had a bad experience here. If they’re ever “running behind” (which is almost never), we’ve never had to wait more than an extra 10-15 minutes. They’re family operated, local, and they provide that personal touch that is so often missing in more corporate dental offices. They care about their patients personally and even remember what you talked about on your last visit - even things they didn’t put in their notes. If you want to feel like just another number being treated by just another robot, this is NOT the dentist for you! Thanks Dr. Wiest - and everyone else!

- Mark Porter via Google

I love Provo dental! They are so friendly and super easy and nice to work with! They got me an appointment super fast and had an option to fill out paperwork before hand! The staff and DR are very nice and want to get to know you!

- Kylynd Halliday via Google

Been going for years. They are awesome!! They are open on certain fridays and Saturdays

- Melanie Davis via Google

Everything was done in a timely manner. The staff was positive and helpful. I had preliminary work done for an implant and came away pleasingly surprised. I would recommend Dr. Wiest to anyone.

- Barry Crane via Google

So kind, so helpful, so knowledgeable, si skilled, fair price.

- Bruce Evans via Google

I I had a very positive experience. My needs were taken into consideration, everyone was friendly and helpful and knowledgeable.

- Jeanette Galloway via Google

I have been a patient of Dr Wiest for over 20 years. He and his staff are the Best!. He always has the newest High Tech Equipment to get the job done right and at a fair price. He and all his staff are super personable and friendly and really care. Thanks Again.

- Steve Clarke via Google

Dr Wiest is amazing! I just received my upper front bridge and it is beautiful and the fit is immaculate. Dr. Wiest is a master of all dental realms from fillings, to implants, restorations, endodontics, orthodontia, and cosmetic dentistry. It is so comforting to have a dentist skilled in all phases of dentistry rather than being referred-out to unknown practitioners. Dr. Wiest’s practice employs long term assistants who become friends. His hygienist, Jaymilynn, is on-staff...always great to see her. The staff is dedicated to the patient’s comfort and treatment visits are welcomed rather than dreaded.

- Susan Beyer via Google

Dr. Weist is an excellent dental provider!

- Steve Latauska via Google

We started going here 15 years ago and even with a move to Payson, we've stayed with Dr. Wiest. From root canals to fillings and two kids with braces, they've done a superb job on everything. The staff is just great.

- Brian Christiansen via Google

Friendly staff and quality service. Can't get any better than that!

- Scott Wiest via Google

I’ve been going to Doctor Wiest for about four years now. Superior and outstanding service each time! Everyone from the dental assistants, to the Hygenists, and reception are just phenomenal! I always feel welcome and get the help I need. Total 10 in my book!

- Valentina Cauteruccio via Google

Excellent customer service and gentle cleaning

- Lorraine Brown via Google

Always prompt and you are in and out right away. Clean and painless.

- Mitchell Productions via Google

I love Dr. Wiest! I’m always in and out quickly and they are so meticulous about teeth!

- Maddie Brousseau via Google

This is the best place ever

- Beckie Watson via Google

A++++. I have been going here for the past 13 years. Friendly, courteous, professional, and on-time. Gary will be my dentist until he retires..

- Milt Sanders via Google

Dr. Wiest has to be the friendliest, most genuinely nice dentist ever. And as a former President of the Utah Dental Association and President of the Academy of LDS Dentists, he has to be widely respected by his peers in dentistry. I'm very happy that Dr. Wiest and Dr. Gordon Christensen are my dentist and prosthodontist respectively.

- Dave Whittle via Google

Very friendly and I didn’t have to wait around, they got me in and took care of my teeth and got me out!

- Blair Woodward via Google

Always a good time. Everyone is so friendly.

- Kym Ney via Google

Quick, painless, comfortable, and felt very much at home.

- Dave Nay via Google

Fantastic dentist!! Excellent staff! I LOVE Dr. Weist.

- Alisa Allen via Google

I have been going to Dr Wiest for the last 9 years. He is a great dentist and has done a great job of taking care of me. He is very friendly and very accommodating to my needs. He is great about giving you options and letting you decide what you want done. His staff is very friendly and professional. They are great at making me feel welcome and comfortable. All around its a great experience.

- Greg Mortensen via Google

We have been patients for 20 years. Dr Wiest is very kind and thoughtful, taking time to put the kids at ease, fit us in when we have emergencies, and take care of all of our dental needs. The staff is very friendly and helpful. In all of our years, we've not had a bad experience. That's why we keep coming back. :)

- Audra McHoes via Google

Great work and service

- John Williams via Google

Dr. Wiest Is the best! Gentle and fast quality care. I didn't even feel the Shots. He has helped a lot if my family when a last min. Emergency visit was needed. He goes out of his was to help even on weekends. His work lasted longer than any other work I've had done else where when I couldn't get to him.

- Christie Morgan via Google

Always kind and professional and friendly.

- Martin Reese via Google

To whom it may concern , I’d like to share the very positive experience I’ve had with Dr. Gary Wiest. Here are the essential details: · I had quite a negative experience with another local dentist, leaving me with an unsatisfactory and uncomfortable result.
· The other dentist did not accept responsibility for the result, leaving me with a hefty bill of $4,000, but no resolution.
· Dr. Wiest was made aware of my circumstances and offered to assess the situation.
· He took great care and time to research and present options to me.
· Not only did Dr. Wiest show concern and empathy, he followed through and showed me respect and patience while we mutually explored the decision about which direction to go.
· Ultimately, Dr. Wiest performed the needed work and created a very successful and professional experience for me.
· I highly recommend Dr. Wiest for his expertise, his concern for me as an individual, and his friendly professionalism.

- Sidney Kocherhans via Google

Doctor Wiest and his Office are terrific. I've felt pain in the past with some Dentists, but Gary is different. he is a very calm, caring and thoughtful Dentist. It shows in his office with the professional Team he has built, and in his personal practice. I recommend him to anyone looking for a Kind, Gentle, Dentist with the newest tools and equipment. It amazes me that he can make a crown right in the office and you are on your way within an hour or two. Never worry about any work that has to be done, he will do it right!

- Dennis Hall via Google

I had the chance to assist Dr. Weist at an office where services are offered to people with low-income. Dr. Weist was incredibly kind and one of the most thorough dentists I have worked with. I have full confidence in him as a dentist!

- Brooks Hunsaker via Google

Dr. Wiest & staff are excellent!

- Rebecca Engebretsen via Google

We always give professional and friendly service to all patients! Every once in a while we have a difficult patient that comes in and looks for the bad in every situation even when we try to treat them kindly. Please look at the testimonials on our website to read how our patients love coming to our office. We always welcome new patients!

- Sharon Wiest via Google

I've Been going to Dr. Wiest since I was a young child. He has helped me and taken great care of my teeth over the years. Everyone is always so nice there! I highly recommend them!

- Łady ŁindZ via Google

My wife went to this guy for an emergency appointment. She was having extreme pain on her lower left side. After having X-ray's he said she needed a root canal and crown on a molar. We had dental insurance but after this one tooth we would be maxed out for the year. After the anesthetic wore off she was still in terrible pain. So she went back and he said "Oh I fixed the wrong tooth" and "It's okay it needed fixed anyway". Only it wasn't okay because we had maxed our insurance and it would be another $1500 to fix that we didn't have. She had no choice at this point because of the pain. So he put a filling instead of a crown to lower the price to $1000. She went in to fix what was hurting not to get strapped with $1000 dentist bill. He didn't offer a discount for his mistake,he didn't say I'm sorry for this what can I do to make it right. Nothing.

- Zac Evans via Google

Gary is awesome. Worked with my yearly insurance allowance to get the most done out of what i needed and what my insurance allowed. Professional and quick, his experience shows!

- Dana A via Google

Dr. Wiest and his staff treat patients like members of the family. He is an excellent dentist.

- Mike Brousseau via Google

Fantastic Dentist

- Edward Arciaga via Google

Gary and his staff are personable. They are like family. I have never had a better dentist team than with this group. Gary is always keeping up with the latest dental processes.

- Marlin Sharp via Google

Dr. Wiest has up to date equipment and he knows how to do things right. All the staff are awesome too!

- Alan Kuchar via Google

One of the best dentists we have ever had. We moved to Vernal two years ago, and continue to travel the six hours roundtrip to see him.

- Dave Merkley via Google

My favorite Dentist I've ever had! He listens to what you need and is just a genuinely kind person. Wants to help you be well!

- Syretta Watkins via Google

Very personable. Follows up in any major work to ensure top quality.

- Alex Peacock via Google

Professional, great staff, easy to work with. They even let you watch tv during your procedures.

- Marcus Jackson via Google

Dr. Wiest is a miracle worker.

Beside his skill at many procedures his personality and ethics shine. He is very concerned with patient comfort and the total effectiveness of the treatment and calls to follow-up complicated procedures.

We travel from West Jordan to be treated by such a great dentist.

-Susan Beyer via Google

Dr Wiest and his entire staff are very professional, compassionate and kind. I just had a crown done today and Dr Wiest always takes care in doing an excellent job and making sure his patients are comfortable. I have referred many family members to this dental office and everyone is pleased to have him provide dental services. Thank you.

- Karen Baum via Google

Great staff, dentist, and facilities. They were friendly and gentle with tooth cleaning and check up. And they worked quickly and I didn't have a long wait either. They did great with my scared son too. I have found my new dentist office.

- Dave Nelson via Google

We have been going to Dr Wiest for years. We travel from Salt Lake to Provo to see Dr Wiest. We tried a couple of other clinics closer to our home when we first moved here. It only took one visit to them & we went back to Dr Wiest. He is so kind, gentle, professional, and so willing to do whatever he can to fit us in & take care of us.

His entire staff is wonderful. Feel like we are being cared for by family. They are the best!!!

- Cornell & Ruth Porter via Google

I highly recommend Dr Wiest & staff for your dental needs. Our family first started coming to Dr Wiest when our daughter worked as one of his assistants. When she left to serve an LDS Mission we liked his practice and staff so much we continue to have him tend to our cleanings & other dental needs. We even drive an 1 1/2 each way each time we go for an appointment. Dr Wiest & staff keep up on the latest technology and treat each patient like family. An A+++ experience.

- Melissa Hinton via Google

Dr. Wirst is an excellent dentist, very knowledgeable and thorough, and does quality work. In addition, he and his staff are friendly , personable, and accommodating. For example, I got lost after getting off the freeway, and in the process of finding my way, I ended up being a half hour late for my appointment. They were willing to see me anyway, for which I was most grateful, as I live about an hour from his office.

I highly recommend Dr. Wiest.

-Marianne Burton via Google

They have consistently provided superior services and my teeth have made other dentists run with fear.

-Vadra Rowley via Google

I was greeted the moment I walked in. I was taken back to the room and was greeted almost immediately by both Dr. Wiest and his assistant. Both were very knowledgable, professional, quick, and thorough. I recommend them very highly.

-Neil Child via Google

Fantastic service and staff. They came to work early and on short notice to accommodate me.

-Jeff Stirling via Google

Great staff! Very friendly and professional. Have been a client for years and am always satisfied with their work.

-Andrew Kolb via Google

Great staff, doctor and atmosphere. Best dentist I've ever been to!!

-Tashina Sherman via Google

I have been going to Provo Dental for many years. The staff is so friendly and I don’t fear going to the dentist anymore.

-Marianne Miller via Google

I have been going to Dr. Wiest for over 20 years. I have had lots of dental problems before going to him. He is an amazing dentist, ethical, and ihis prices are very comparable if not lower than other dentists. I highly recommend Dr. Wiest.

-Julie Hillman via Google

It was great. Dr Wiest & his staff were very friendly & helpful.

-Shelly Peterson via Google

Very friendly staff, and they remember who you are. You can tell they give you time and attention.

Got a discount as a self pay too!

-Emmanuel Sakala via Google

Very friendly and helpful. They worked extra time to meet my needs.

-Diane Hancock via Google

Very thorough and professional. Very nice staff throughout the office!

-Cheryl Taylor via Google

Have known them for years. They always do a great job!

-Melanie Davis via Google

I like that when you show up on time you get in on time. Dr. Wiest is very professional and personable.

-David Ainscough via Google

Outstanding professional service that is very friendly and welcoming.

-Curt Bramble via Google

Marsha Judkins via Google

Elizabeth Burnham via Google

Wendy Olsen via Google

Victoria Rothey via Google

Cindy Rich via Google

Alex Black via Google

Amy B via Google

Smeggin L via Google

Deborah Martinez via Google

Tracy Brousseau via Google

Sandra w via Google

Robin Mortensen via Google

Scott Barclay via Google

Marianne Bushnell via Google

Margaret Clarke via Google

Paul Uruma via Google

Ann N Colledge via Google

Michael Kawasaki via Google

Wendy Longfvnz via Google

Jackson McCourt via Google

Carrie Anderson via Google

Diana Thalmann via Google

Dave Harding via Google

JD Greenhalgh via Google

Joseph Grenny via Google

Damon D. via Google

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