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Compassionate, Knowledgeable, And Driven To Give You The Highest Level of Skin Care

All professionals at Hefter Dermatology maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude (highest honors) from Nassau Community College with a Degree in Nursing. She has been an RN working with Dr. Hefter for over 25 years. She understands all aspects of dermatologic nursing care. Besides assisting Doctor Hefter with procedures, she administers dressing changes and many other office procedures a Karin spends a great deal of time educating patients regarding their condition, the proper use of medications and informing and explaining test results. Karin is dedicated to her patients and assuring they get the proper medications and instructions they need. With her calm, professional manner, she is a reassuring and valuable resource to our patients.

Karin combines compassion with cutting-edge knowledge to address your unique dermatological needs. Her friendly demeanor and patient-centered care create a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that you feel comfortable discussing your concerns.
Whether you're seeking guidance on acne management, anti-aging solutions, or general skincare maintenance, Karin is here to provide personalized recommendations tailored to your skin type and goals.

JULIE - Medical Esthetician, Laser Technician
Trained for her NY State Esthetics License at Long Island Nail & Skin Care Institute where she discovered her passion for skin care. Julie has expert training in many skin care modalities including laser hair reduction, Dermasweep Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, IPL Photofacials, Radio Frequency skin tightening, Sofwave Ultrasound energy for lifting and tightening skin, among others. 

Julie is happiest when she makes her clients look and feel their best. She always strives to give her clients a great experience, incorporating the most result-oriented treatments. Julie offers various treatments that can provide patient satisfaction and wonderful results. Under Dr.Hefter’s direction and incorporating his professionalism and high ethical standard, Julie stays enthusiastic and driven to successfully help people attain their esthetic goals.

FRAN - Office Manager
Meet Fran. She has been with Dr. Hefter for 36 years! She is the heartbeat of our office. As the dedicated office manager and bookkeeper, Fran seamlessly orchestrates the daily operations that keep our workplace humming. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for organization, Fran ensures that everything runs like clockwork. From managing schedules to overseeing financial records, Fran's expertise and efficiency make her an invaluable asset to our team. Beyond her knack for numbers, Fran brings a warm and approachable demeanor that fosters a positive work environment. She is always available to answer patient questions which ensures a gratifying office experience. She takes great pride in her work and her leadership skills are evident in her commitment to excellence.

Whether balancing budgets or streamlining office processes, her friendly attitude make her the backbone of our office.

WENDY - Reception
Wendy is one of the warm and welcoming faces at the front desk. As the receptionist extraordinaire, Wendy effortlessly blends efficiency with a genuine smile, creating a delightful first impression for anyone who walks through the door. Wendy is a beacon of friendliness, making visitors feel instantly at ease. Her dedication to customer service goes beyond the ordinary, as she goes above and beyond to assist both clients and colleagues alike. In the world of receptionists, Wendy stands out as a true ambassador of hospitality and professionalism, making every interaction a positive and memorable experience.

Amanda - Reception
Meet Amanda, our delightful receptionist whose bubbly personality adds a spark to the heartbeat of our office. With a warm and welcoming smile, Amanda is one of the first friendly faces you'll encounter as you step through our doors. Her infectious energy and positive attitude create a vibrant atmosphere, making everyone feel instantly at ease. Amanda effortlessly juggles phone calls, schedules, and inquiries with grace, ensuring that each interaction leaves a lasting, positive impression. Beyond her impeccable organizational skills, Amanda is a master multitasker who can handle the bustling pace of the reception area with ease. Her commitment to providing exceptional customer service is evident in every interaction, making her an integral part of our team. Amanda's passion for connecting with people extends beyond her role as a receptionist. Whether she's assisting a visitor, coordinating appointments, or simply brightening someone's day with her cheerful demeanor, Amanda embodies the spirit of hospitality that defines our workplace. Amanda is a valuable team player who contributes to the overall harmony of our office environment. Her dedication to creating a positive and efficient workspace makes her an essential asset, ensuring that our clients and colleagues alike experience the best our office has to offer.With Amanda at the forefront of our reception, you can expect not only seamless administrative support but also a daily dose of positivity that sets the tone for a productive and enjoyable work environment.

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