For most of my life I detested going to the dentist--bad experience when I was young. I can now honestly say that since I started with you (back in 2001?) I have enjoyed going to the dentist. NEVER thought I'd ever say that! You and your staff were (are) great. Everyone was always so nice and friendly and easy to talk to. Thank you, all of you---for letting me know dentists are NOT to be feared.

Sandy W.

After a Panic Attack in a dental office years ago, I struggled to have any major dental work done. But, I broke a tooth and needed a crown. I started going to Dr Combs office and have been very satisfied with his work. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They know it is a challenge for me, but they work with me. I now have 6 crowns and a bridge.

Theresa H.

I have been extremely happy with my care at Dr. Combs office. The staff has been great to work with and very accommodating. Dr. Combs is very thorough. I had problems with one of my front teeth from an old bike accident. Dr. Combs did a fantastic job repairing my tooth and was very picky about the color matching the rest of my teeth. The dental lab even said he did a great job. I would feel very confident referring anyone to Dr. Combs Practice.

Bonnie C.

Dr. Combs has been our dentist since he first came to Byron Center; we have found him and his staff to be very professional in their ability to deal with our dental needs. When an occasion comes and some work is to be done we are given options and information which allows us to make informed decisions. They use all the modern technology available and are highly trained in their area.

Elin M.