Apex Acupuncture and Chiropractic always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. Please read what others are saying about Apex Acupuncture and Chiropractic below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Dr Agarwal for chiro is simply amazing. She’s been a miracle worker for me. After months of back, neck and leg pain she completely fixed my issues. Now I only need to go for routine tune ups. Highly recommend!

Lynnae S. (Submitted 01/07/22)

Dr Julie Cho is amazing! Very professional and helped me with my back pain definitely coming back again and again. Thank you

Yarden S. (Submitted 01/06/22)

Dr. Agarwal was great! Looking forward to my next appointment.

Sean Z. (Submitted 01/04/22)

Very cost efficient to let me see both acupuncturist and chiropractor

Yuanqing H. (Submitted 01/04/22)

Friendly, professional, and great service. Highly recommended!

Catherine E. (Submitted 12/27/21)

Great clinical skills and friendly service. Easy to communicate.

Marc V. (Submitted 12/20/21)

Very professional. I feel better since I have been going to Dr. Cho

Marlene W. (Submitted 12/14/21)

Dr. Cho is wonderful! I am so happy I found her, highly recommend! She provided so much insightful information in just our first time meeting, I will continue seeing her.

Casey H. (Submitted 12/09/21)

Dr. Cho is amazing. She is knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable, and is an all-around good person. I love getting acupuncture here. I have recommended Apex to many of my friends who also love it.

Nahid S. (Submitted 12/07/21)

I had a really good experience here. The team is kind and very knowledgeable.

Hillary B. (Submitted 12/04/21)


Juan Carlos C. (Submitted 11/30/21)

I highly recommend Apex! Everyone who works here is very sweet and considerate. I look forward to my appointments weekly as I’ve felt significantly better since I started coming here last year.

Jacquelyn H. (Submitted 11/29/21)

I’m so appreciative of the services I get at Apex. I get accupuncture and see the chiropractor all in the same place! My back and neck would still be in horrible condition if I did not have this team and take the time, weekly, to address the problem. My body is happier and the front desk staff put up with my banter and make me feel at home.

Misa N. (Submitted 11/22/21)


Junhao L. (Submitted 11/22/21)

Dr. Cho is honestly the sweetest. She listens diligently to all my health issues and able to find the perfect remedy curated for my health.

Daseul J. (Submitted 11/15/21)

Front desk is incredibly kind and helpful. Quieter welcoming . Dr Cho is bright , Informative and helps make positive change immediately . Environment is safe and clean . Cupping and massage was a great way to end treatment . Looking forward to being a patient for a long time and sharing this experience with many of my friends and colleagues .

Jamie O. (Submitted 11/13/21)

Look forward to all of my visits with Dr. Cho! She is kind and amazing at what she does. All of the staff are incredibly friendly!

Kalista C. (Submitted 11/13/21)

Dr. Julie was very straightforward and answered all of my questions. I really appreciated how she made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process.

Soo Kyong H. (Submitted 11/12/21)

Great doctor, wonderful staff. Highly recommended.

Catherine E. (Submitted 11/03/21)

I love every single person who works in this office. Everyone is so kind and attentive! Coming here is always the highlight of my day.

Stela V. (Submitted 11/01/21)

Efficient and convenient

Yuanqing H. (Submitted 11/01/21)

The staff is very accommodating and professional.

Lavasja G. (Submitted 10/29/21)

I enjoyed talking with Dr. Cho and look forward to my next visit.

Barbara S. (Submitted 10/26/21)

Very calming experience… Helped with my back pain! I will be back!!

Yarden S. (Submitted 10/25/21)

She is nice and kind. As preferring to see MD who can speak Korean, I thought korean patients feel much comfortable to see her! Thanks and see you soon, Dr. Cho!

Inyoung P. (Submitted 10/22/21)

Doctor very knowledgeable

Marlene W. (Submitted 10/15/21)

Dr. Cho was amazing and very professional. As well as the masseuse. Overall great package and service. A+++

Lorenzo L. (Submitted 10/07/21)

Dr Cho was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease for my first ever acupuncture session. Will return and would highly recommend.

Nicola W. (Submitted 10/05/21)

Dr. Cho was very kind, informative and helpful, going back for 8 more sessions. Recommend!

Mihai B. (Submitted 10/01/21)

Dr Cho and her staff are the best! No waiting to be seen, everyone is professional and friendly. Best of all, my shoulder pain is gone! Highly recommend

Samantha T. (Submitted 09/25/21)

Dr Cho is a great doctor.

Yoonjoo L. (Submitted 09/24/21)

I love apex. Everyone who works there is very nice, Dr. Cho is very talented and also very sweet. Accupuncture has helped me so much I’m very grateful for it

Julia S. (Submitted 09/20/21)

Great all around experience!

Neil L. (Submitted 09/17/21)

As someone who is new to Eastern medicine, I was genuinely surprised with what Dr. Cho was able to inform me with my current health. I originally went due to an acute pain but, will definitely back on regular basis!

Daseul J. (Submitted 09/16/21)

One of the top doctors in NYC.

Dr. P. (Submitted 09/16/21)

Dr. Cho is simply the best! Super kindhearted and helpful :)

Kalista C. (Submitted 09/14/21)

Dr. Cho is professional, thoughtful, and thorough in her approach.

Susannah G. (Submitted 09/14/21)

Great and knowledgeable

Marta S. (Submitted 09/08/21)

I love this office! They have helped me manage my chronic pain in a way that no other doctors have.

Alexandra L. (Submitted 09/08/21)

First experience doing cupping and loved it! Really great experience overall.

Rebecca C. (Submitted 09/03/21)

From beginning to end my appointment was spectacular. The front desk staff are friendly and efficient. The doctors have excellent bedside manner. They were thorough explaining everything to me and answering my questions. I’ve already recommended this office to three people because I had such a pleasant experience. I will continue my treatment here for sure.

Kathleena G. (Submitted 08/31/21)

The staff are extremely friendly and always accommodating to adjust your appointment. Dr Cho’s treatment is a delight while I was recovering from a back injury. Since I’ve recovered I continue to visit to prevent any future pain. I highly recommend her treatment for any pain needs

Kathryn S. (Submitted 08/29/21)

Absolutely phenomenal! Dr Cho is truly amazing and her staff too. Will be coming here often now.

Shambhavi "Polo" M.(Submitted 08/17/21)

My visit was very informative and helpful. Dr. Cho took the time to listen and asked follow up questions. She thoroughly explained potential underlying causes. She is very knowledgeable. I felt better afterwards. I look forward to returning.

Sheryl R. (Submitted 07/07/21)

Wonderful practitioners! A great experience.

Ogemdi U. (Submitted 06/30/21)

I love Dr. Cho. I’ve come in with pain that can be difficult to diagnose and treat and she takes all routes to relieve me of it. Provides great aftercare advice as well. Highly recommend.

Hannah G. (Submitted 06/24/21)

Great place to get realigned!

Kareem B. (Submitted 06/23/21)

Dr. Cho is thorough and efficient. She is friendly and gives informative explanations of physiological issues I come in with. It’s so relaxing that sometimes I take a nap for my session with the needles!

César R. (Submitted 06/08/21)

Giovanna is my acupuncturist and shes amazing. She listens and is not afraid to ask questions to provide the best care. The staff in E38 st are so friendly and mindful of keeping a balanced energy for their patients. 10 across the board.

Oliver E. (Submitted 05/24/21)

My experience was a good one. I will definitely be going back

Jason W. (Submitted 04/10/21)

Always a perfect experience. Consistent friendly reception and top of the line treatments in acupuncture and chiro

Ariel Z. (Submitted 04/09/21)

Dr. Cho is a highly skilled doctor of oriental medicine. She addresses specific complaints and at the same time focuses on overall health . She listens to the patient. Her practice is well organized and efficient.

Ann-Aliki A. (Submitted 02/05/21)

As a first time acupuncture patient, it was great to find someone so knowledgeable to explain everything to me and who made me feel comfortable (and relaxed!). I’m now coming every week because the effects are amazing. Everyone at the office is so friendly. Highly recommend!

Danielle C. (Submitted 12/30/20)


David L. (Submitted 11/17/20)

I have been sick and tired for years. Waking up every morning with zero energy and feeling like I haven't slept at all. Dr.Cho has changed my life! I only started my sessions a few months ago and already I am getting my energy back, losing weight and gaining hope. I haven't felt this light and this motivated in years. Thank you so much, Dr. Cho!

Allyson G. (Submitted 11/06/20)

Helpful and easygoing!

Zach W. (Submitted 10/06/20)

Dr. Cho is compassionate and very thorough with her treatment. She pays attention to what my body is lacking and gives me amazing advice . She is incredible!

Ronda S. (Submitted 06/01/20)

Very friendly office!

Kyra M. (Submitted 03/09/20)

Good environment, convenient appointment. After doctor Cho's treatment, my pain improved greatly.

Bowen C. (Submitted 03/04/20)

Good environment, convenient appointment. After doctor Cho's treatment, my pain improved greatly.

Bowen C. (Submitted 03/04/20)

It’s was a great experience! I felt very comfortable and relaxed :) I can’t wait till my next appointment!

Vincenzo D. (Submitted 02/29/20)

Dr. Silva is a true healer. She taker her time, listens intently and offers suggestions in the most gentle way possible. You get so much more than an acupuncture treatment and I love her. She explains every step of what she's doing.

Meghan S. (Submitted 02/21/20)

I highly recommend Dr. Silva. She is knowledgable and effective acupuncturist who is excited and compassionate about traditional Chinese medicine.

Jenny Y. (Submitted 02/21/20)

Dr. Silva's knowledge in acupuncture is quite impressive. My shoulder and back condition have had at least two years of different therapies treatments but nothing to alleviate it. But how my pains have finally improved due to her combination of acupuncture, massage therapy, and exercises in just these past few weeks.

Oscar A. (Submitted 02/21/20)

Dr. Giovanna is a true healer. She takes her time, listens intently and offers suggestions in a kind, gentle way. You get so much more than acupuncture with Dr. Giovanna. You get insights into why you're experience specific symptoms. She's very good at what she does!

Sarah L. (Submitted 02/21/20)

Dr. Silva is exceptional and authentic! She's very professional. She knows my cure and gave me the best treatment plan that worked and helped me cope with the symptoms. She's amazing. I highly recommend!

Jessica S. (Submitted 02/21/20)

Professional atmosphere, effective treatment, even a few good stories. Dr. Silva treat the person for her lifestyle and have improved my quality of life for sure. Extremely friendly and professional. Cannot say enough good things about her!

Nazhan Z. (Submitted 02/21/20)

Detailed and empathetic intake process. The atmosphere is beautiful, calming and stress free. Dr. Silver helped so much with my leg pain. I came home feeling like a new person, feeling very relaxed and pain-free!

Nicole B. (Submitted 02/21/20)

Dr. Giovanna is simply awesome! I've been dealing with chronic pain and other medical issues for quite some time. Nothing seemed to work. I noticed a huge difference from one treatment. I was so scared but I was tired of being in pain. She is truly a life saver.

Ashely E. (Submitted 02/21/20)

Dr. Silver is amazing. She helped me so much with various problems from digestive issues to chronic back pain. I love how patient and knowledgable she is. She's very passionate about her work and treatments.

Shawn L. (Submitted 02/21/20)

The staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Silver is Patient, empathetic, and conscientious. She's always well prepared and asks follow-up questions from previous visits. Most importantly she's well educated in her treatment plans. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with pain issues.

John H. (Submitted 02/21/20)


Carl H. (Submitted 02/16/20)

I was treated with empathy after a car accident and today I am feeling better. I was able to finally sleep

Carolina C. (Submitted 02/14/20)


Margaret K. (Submitted 02/11/20)

Apex Acupuncture is amazing, from the moment you walk in you are treated like family. The front desk staff is always extremely welcoming and overwhelmingly kind. Dr. Cho is absolutely wonderful. I have been treated for back pain, achilles pain/tightness, headaches, hamstring pain and constipation, I always leave with no pain and a sense of total relaxation. Rooms are always extremely clean. Highly recommend Dr. Cho and Apex!

Kara G. (Submitted 12/27/19)

I have been treated by Dr Cho since few weeks ago due to my wrist injury; prior to my visit to the office, I have tried with other acupuncturists but never found it effective like Dr Cho. I highly recommend her - she is exceptional in many ways, specifically: 1. Knowledgable and effective methods: From the day one, she diagnosed my problem accurately. She provided the therapy that worked for my problem gently. Every time I have her session, I can feel that my symptom is improved significantly. She is also very knowledgable, providing insightful tips related to health. 2. Compassionate & caring: She is not one of those doctors who just want to see you for few mins and bill you. Though it is not directly related to the reason I went for, she always checks my body temperature/tongue, being caring about my well-being overall. She is very compassionate and caring, making patients feel comfortable for a visit. * Side note: Her staff is extremely communicative and efficient as well. Instead of having to go through calling the office (and being on hold for long time), the office uses corporate phone to text with you for reminder, reschedule, and etc. I always appreciate the office's flexible and kind atmosphere .

Dahye J. (Submitted 12/19/19)

Dr. Cho and her staff made everything about my introduction to acupuncture a very positive experience. The professionalism, flexibility of scheduling, office environment, and most of all the benefits of the treatment, have me singing their praises to anyone that will listen!

David S. (Submitted 12/17/19)

I came into Dr. Cho’s office with very clear goals to address my anxiety, and cystic acne. Dr. Cho was friendly and patient when listening to my goals and developed a treatment plan that has been very effective. Dr. Cho and the rest of the Apex team are pleasant and flexible which makes it much easier to maintain and look forward to my weekly appointments. I work full time and am a part time graduate student—despite my hectic schedule my anxiety has been controlled and my skin has never been clearer. So glad I found Apex!

Emily W. (Submitted 12/17/19)

I wish there were more star options to reflect my first appointment. Dr. Cho is personable, friendly, welcoming - she just hits the mark for everything you would dream of of an ideal doctor. After my wonderful first visit, I will now be seeing Dr. Cho twice a week! She was able to provide explanations on things that I have been puzzled about for over 20 years. If you have the slightest apprehension, I urge you to give not only acupuncture but Dr. Cho a chance!

Aisha M. (Submitted 11/26/19)

Dr. Cho is professional and caring.

Ann-Aliki A. (Submitted 11/21/19)


Darah W. (Submitted 11/20/19)

Apex made it easy and smooth from the moment I walked in the door and I walked out in less pain, which is huge.

Sarahjane B. (Submitted 11/20/19)

Dr. Cho is very knowledgeable and after one visit I already started feeling much better. Her office staff couldn't be lovelier and they are very flexible with scheduling appointments at convenient times. I have been 3x and really enjoyed every visit. Also, the therapeutic massage is a great bonus!

Kemi K. (Submitted 11/18/19)

I have been a patient of Dr Cho for over a year. She has always been very kind and patient with me. I have been battling anxiety for a few years and was very nervous about starting Accupuncture. Dr Cho was very thorough in her explanations and was able to ease my concerns about the process. Accupuncture is the first treatment to truly help my anxiety. Her new office in lower Manhattan is beautiful and in a convenient location.

Karen K. (Submitted 11/15/19)

I had a severe back pain, and could barely walk. I visited Dr. Cho at the new Downtown location. She was very friendly and professional. After the therapy, I can finally walk again. Excellent service. I highly recommend Dr. Cho to EVERYONE!!!

Sey B. (Submitted 11/10/19)

Amazing! Headache and hip pain was gone - it’s nothing not magic. Thank you!!

Mila R. (Submitted 08/12/19)

Excellent staff

Janette G. (Submitted 07/12/19)

Courteous staff and very knowledgeable

Janette G. (Submitted 06/12/19)

First time. Was very pleased with office and results. Very professional!!!

Russ L. (Submitted 06/05/19)

The best part of my day is going to my accupuncture treatment. I used to be afraid of needles. Not so much anymore. :-) Great environment, convenient location and super accommodating staff.

Leona W. (Submitted 05/29/19)

This is a very friendly doctors office. Everyone is helpful and courteous.

Miranda L. (Submitted 05/22/19)

The people who greet you when you arrive are very pleasant. The assistant and doctor are always courteous and pleasant demeanors. I love the atmosphere in the rooms.

Rhonda G. (Submitted 05/15/19)

Professional and immediate attention. The procedure was effective and I will return.

Karen D. (Submitted 04/21/19)

Lovely clinic and great, attentive staff! Always a pleasure to visit.

LUCIENNE W. (Submitted 02/05/19)

Dr Zhong is AMAZING! So glad to have her help me on my fertility journey!

Natalie R. (Submitted 01/18/19)

I love Apex Acupuncture. The friendly receptionists, the amazing massage therapist, and Dr. Zhong all make sure I get the most out of the daily office visits. I always leave the office feeling much better and Dr. Zhong will always address my problems to make sure they go away -- and they do! I highly recommend Apex Acupuncture to anyone interested in trying it!

Michelle A. (Submitted 01/13/19)

Best place ever, very fridndly and helpful. My doc is amazing in everyway

David O. (Submitted 01/11/19)

Such an amazing office! Always make you feel that you are in the best care and I leave the office feeling 100% better! Highly recommend!

Michelle A. (Submitted 01/10/19)

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