Drs. Thiele and Bhoola amoung the areas leading experts in the management of complicated non healing wounds. They work with a specialized team at the Center for Wound Healing at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital – Somerset campus.    They are both fully trained in wound management and employs a complete range of treatment options for complex wounds including the use of the latest biologics and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.   Each patient with a non-healing wound is given a thorough evaluation and work up to determine why they are not healing. This includes evaluation of circulation, sensation, infection, edema (swelling), nutrition, medical problems, and any foot / ankle/ leg deformities that are causing delayed healing of the wound. Both doctors use the most cutting edge  wound care products to heal your wound, including proper antibiotic management and off loading of the wound with total contact casts, orthotics, bracing, shoes, pads, etc).  Drs. Thiele and Bhoola work with a team at the wound center which includes vascular surgeons, infectious disease specialists, plastic surgeons, and an orthotists (orthotics and brace maker) and a highly trained staff of dedicated wound care nurses.  If wounds are not healing despite non operative treatments, then surgical treatments may be recommended.   Our doctors routinely perform a wide variety of limb salvage procedures ranging from simple skin grafting procedures and local skin flap repairs to advanced limb salvage techniques.  He uses the most effective wound healing and graft products on the market today including amniotic tissue / stem cell therapy.   Most of todays biologic grafts are manufactured products that are applied to the wound at the center under local / topical anesthetics and without the need to harvest skin from the patient. These products have a remarkable ability to heal stubborn  wounds. 

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Center for Wound Healing at RWJ hospital