• Tooth Decay and Sugar
    While sugar’s negative impact on teeth isn’t too surprising, here are some ways to limit its intake.   There are some shocking statistics out there about tooth decay. Did you know, that Read more
  • Can Dental Sealants Protect a Child's Teeth?
    Discover the three ways dental sealants can keep your child’s smile healthy. The majority of dental problems that we face can easily be prevented through proper oral care. The earlier we Read more
  • Celebrities & Veneers: What's So Intriguing?
    Keeping up with celebrities is so easy to do through the Internet, magazines and TV. It’s also easy to see that these stars all have flawless smiles. How do they Read more
  • Dental Trends: Is Teeth Whitening Fading?
    No it’s not. In fact, teeth whitening is still on the rise because it’s one of the simplest and fastest ways to improve the smile’s appearance.    A Whitening Treatment: In-Demand Service Instead Read more
  • Dentistry & The Changing Seasons
    Dentistry and the Changing Seasons  As the months go by, new research and technology is being added everyday in our world. Technology is now more important than ever. Dental offices have Read more
  • Update your smile with our Cosmetic Dentistry Services
    We Offer Many Cosmetic Dental Services! At Sanford Center for Total Health Dentistry, we would like to inform our patients about the many positives that cosmetic dentistry has to offer. After Read more
  • Welcome Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Sanford Center for Total Health Dentistry Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dentist in the Allentown, PA area, we’re excited you are here. With Read more

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