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Ronda, OKC

Symptoms: Low back pain, Post knee surgery

Duration/Severity: 2 months 7 out of 10

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "I absolutely loved it! The entire staff is friendly, efficient and professional. I received info on how to maintain my corrections."

Results: "I can walk straight and tall! Hips are aligned. No pain!"

"Chiropractic is so beneficial to my overall well-being."

Regina, OKC

Symptoms: Right shoulder and right arm pain. Lack of strength in right arm. Limited range of motion.

Duration/Severity: On and off for several years, but was gradually getting worse. "I was afraid of losing use of my right arm."

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Dr. Kyle Babcock and Dr. Brent Babcock were so kind and compassionate. They were very thorough in their explanation of my condition."

Results: "In just two months I am able to complete daily activities more easily and with less pain. My range of motion and strength are much improved!"

"I recommend chiropractic care to everyone, especially Dr. Kyle and Dr. Brent Babcock."

Sierra, OKC

Symptoms: Tense muscles, neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

Duration/Severity: Severe

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Very inviting atmosphere. Staff is incredibly friendly and attentive."

Results: "My posture has improved. My joint pain has become exponentially more managable since starting treatment several weeks ago."

"I fully believe that Chiropractic has many more positive effects than just joint pain relief. Daily life has become much easier when I am in less pain all around."

Anna, Yukon

Symptoms: Excruciating pain and numbness in left hip, leg, and foot.

Duration/Severity: Severe

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Dr. Babcock is very concerned about his patients. He is very knowledgeable about holistic healing. His office manager, Alecia, is very kind and compassionate."

Results: "I have seen definite improvement over the last 5 weeks."

"I believe Chiropractic can be very beneficial for patients suffering with Sciatica AND other issues."

Joey, OKC

Symptoms: Neck pain, difficulty moving, anxiety, stiffness, nerve issues, loss of apetite, low energy, no sleep.

Duration/Severity: 6-7 months, worsening by the day, SEVERE!

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Very friendly, helpful, and dedicated to my specific needs. Showed empathy towards my situation."

Results: "It's been almost 2 weeks now and I"m sleeping, eating, moving, breathing, and feeling better emotionally and physically."

"I highly recommend Chiropractic to EVERYONE and wish it were talked about more."

Seryna, Piedmont

Symptoms: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Pain, Hand pain

Duration/Severity: 2 years with constant pain

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "I immediately felt like they truly cared about my situation."

Results: "My hand and wrist do not hurt anymore. The condition is much better!"

"I feel so much better overall. I am so thankful for Chiropractic care."

Gary, OKC

Symptoms: Low back pain

Duration/Severity: 9 out of 10 pain

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "I was referred by a friend, and VERY pleased with my experience at Babcock Chiropractic Clinic."

Results: "I've made almost a complete recovery!"

"I am extremely grateful for the numerous benefits of Chiropractic."

Evert, OKC

Symptoms: L5 spondylolisthesis, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain

Duration/Severity: Constant mild pain with occasional intesne pain.

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "I was greeted with warm smiles and cheerful employees."

Results: "I saw significant improvement after only a few visits!"

"Doctors of Chiropractic are the most effective when it comes to improving health and successfully caring for injuries without the use of drugs or knives."

Debbie, OKC

Symptoms: Extreme left shoulder and neck pain

Duration/Severity: Started 6 months ago

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Provided a full exam with great information. Everyone in the office was very friendly. I love it here!"

Results: "More movement in neck and shoulder. Less pain after 2 weeks!"

"Thanks to Dr. Kyle, I'm feeling better with each visit!"

Carrie, OKC

Symptoms: Low back pain, stiffness, difficulty standing for work

Duration/Severity: 3-4 years

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Calm environment. Complete trust in the doctors. I knew they were there to help me move and feel better."

Results: "The stiffness has decreased. I have more mobility in my low back."

"I was searching for a more permanent solution than oral pain medication. Chiropractic is the solution. Everyone should try Chiropractic and see it work for them."

Peggy, OKC

Symptoms: Burning in both hips, tight back, pain in abdomen, not feeling well

Duration/Severity: Constant severe pain

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Very professional, loving, caring, and clean!"

Results: "My results are miraculous! After 3 weeks of treatment I feel like a new person!"

"I hurt terribly and was desperate for something natural. I heard so many nice things about Dr. Babcock. I am SOLD! I will continue coming back! Love Dr. B!"

Carole, OKC

Symptoms: Back pain, radiation down both legs

Duration/Severity: Pain was constant. Severe early in the mornings and after sitting

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Love the way the office staff treats patients. The doctors communicate well and teach."

Results: "I am continuing to feel improvement in my ability to move."

"I know Chiropractic care works. I have always believed in the benefit of alternative medicine. I don't want to put a bunch of meds in my system."

Quinne, OKC

Symptoms: Shoulder and Hip pain. Tight and sore muscles

Duration/Severity: Chronic 6 out of 10

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Everybody was so nice and remembered details of my case!"

Results: "Pain eases immediately after treatment. If pain returns later, it does so with much less intensity."

"I have always considered Chiropractic care to be a necessity for health."

Yonatan, OKC

Symptoms: Back pain. Numbness in shoulder

Duration/Severity: Intense off and on pain for months

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "Very professional and well organized."

Results: "I feel so much bettter! Thanks to Dr. Kyle, my pain is gone."

"I reccomend Chiropractic care to everyone. It helped me a lot!"

Jon, Piedmont

Symptoms: Sciatica, Low back pain

Duration/Severity: 10 out of 10

First impressions of Babcock Chiropractic Clinic: "I was referred by a friend. Babcock Chiropractic Clinic - Clean, Honest, and Transparent."

Results: "All of my pain was gone in a week!"

"I enjoy Chiropractic care! I keep my appointments weekly to prevent the pain from returning."

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