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Best dentist I have ever experienced!!

Best dentist I have ever experienced!! Everyone is so very nice and accommodating! I told them I was there for my lunch break and they got me in and out within 30 minutes - SO AWESOME! But they also teach me about my teeth. I'm in my 40s and didn't take care of my teeth like I should before and they told me what to do to make it better and this past visit, my teeth improved!! Woo hoo! I don't feel like they try to do unnecessary work like I've experienced at other dentists before - they just seem too good to be true, but they are just that! My husband and I have definitely found our dentist!!! I highly recommend them to anyone!!!

Posted by Michelle R, 14 days ago. (Demand Force Review)

They are knowledgable, compassionate, non judgmental and deliver pain free dental work.

If you hate going to the dentist, have a super sensitive mouth and would prefer childbirth to dental work like I did, fear no more. Dr. Nguyen was recommended 4 or 5 years ago from a very close friend, and I cannot put into words how much I love him and his whole staff. They are knowledgable, compassionate, non judgmental and deliver pain free dental work. I have never had a dentist who can numb my mouth for even difficult work and do it pain free. He will give you a consult first, discuss options in great detail and never ever recommend anything more than the minimal work you need to fix your problem. He even does routine root canals right in his office, and when it comes to crowns, they use this awesome laser to produce an exact tooth that matches yours, even a missing one, right in that very visit. If they are booked and I have serious pain they will find a way to fit me in. My whole family is a big fan now too! As mentioned, their Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists are awesome as well. Pricing is very fair. You will not be disappointed when you make Laser Dentistry your new go to dental practice for all of you and your families' dental needs! Peggy

Posted by Margaret D, A month ago. (Demand Force Review)

Simply Amazing!

Simply Amazing! My first question was Do You Hurt? Instead of giving me a direct answer they showed me and I've been with them for ten years. Wow time has really flown by us. I highly recommend this team of Professionals for all your dental care. Simply Amazing!

Posted by Elitha Johnson, 2 Weeks ago. (Google Review)

Dr. Nguyen and his team are outstanding.

I've avoided dentists since I was about 12 years old. Between general anxiety, a sensitive gag reflex, and a phobia related to that sensitive gag reflex, I just wasn't willing to go near a dentist. Of course, the neglect caught up with me, and a particularly bad abscess motivated me to look for someone who might be able to work with me and my issues.

Dr. Nguyen and his team are outstanding. They've been nothing but kind and patient with me on every visit. During my first consultation, I told Dr. Nguyen about my phobia. He continued to ask more detailed questions until he had a clear picture of what was going on with me, then he and his team proceeded to take pictures and xrays in order to determine what would need to be done. Everyone who worked with me exercised great care, which was a huge relief for me.

For my following visit, Dr. Nguyen performed root canal treatment on 3 of my teeth in one sitting. I was nervous on my way in, with this being my first dental procedure. However, my nervousness quickly subsided once the team began their work. I didn't feel any pain. Everyone who worked with me was frequently checking to make sure I wasn't having any pain or anxiety over the couple of hours it took to complete the treatments. After I got back home, I nervously waited for the local anesthetic to wear off. I expected, since I hadn't felt any pain during the procedure, I'd feel it afterward. The pain never came, I ate dinner like normal that night, and returned to work the next morning.

For my most recent procedure, the team removed an impacted wisdom tooth and the badly decayed molar in front of it. I received the same care from everyone who took part, including Dr. Nguyen. Interestingly, I didn't have any kind of sedative or laughing gas (though I assume I could have had one or the other if I'd asked). I decided to see if I could get on without it, despite what I've read about what others experienced while having teeth extracted with only a local anesthetic by other dentists. I'll admit, I was nervous about how the experience would go, but Dr. Nguyen and his team did just as well as they'd done the previous time They were very attentive to my needs, frequently checked to see if I was in pain, and provided all of the information I needed in order to ensure the best possible recovery.

I always recommend Dr. Nguyen's practice to friends and family who mention needing a dentist, or who mention being less than satisfied with their current dentist. The quality of care I have received has been incredible, and it's come at an outstanding price. Dr. Nguyen has done a great job of helping to save me hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars, offering less expensive alternatives than the treatments I expected. A less honest, less genuine doctor could easily have taken me for a ride, with me not knowing much about the services I'm requesting. However, it's clear that Dr. Nguyen is passionate about helping people, which is probably the biggest selling point for his services- he cares about his patients, and clearly takes great pride in his work.

If crippling fear and anxiety are preventing you from seeking dental care, please take my advice and give Dr. Nguyen a chance. You won't be disappointed.

Posted by Michael Talbo, a month ago. (Google Review)

Honest, knowledgeable and very personable.

Honest, knowledgeable and very personable. I've been to dentists in the past that tell you you need a lot of unnecessary work. Dr. Nguyen has done braces, night guards and numerous crowns -- He thoroughly explains what he's doing and is always concerned about your comfort. But what impresses me most is how kind and respectful he is to his co-workers. the office is ALWAYS impeccably clean.

Posted by dpayne0098, 8 months ago. (Google Review)

Best dentist I’ve ever used

Best dentist I’ve ever used. I LOVED my past dentist and then their office closed, forcing me to choose a new dentist. I was so nervous but I’m happy I came here because they are even better than my past dentist. Their technology is so cool and up to date and makes getting my teeth cleaned/ dental work much easier. They are honest and fantastic at what they do.

Posted by Samantha Mandich, 8 months ago. (Google Review)

Dr. Nguyen is the best dentist ever!

Dr. Nguyen is the best dentist ever! He and his staff are top notch. He is incredibly kind and reasonability priced. His work is excellent. Highly, highly recommended!!!

Posted by Jennifer Goodwin, 3 months ago. (Google Review)

VERY gentle to the touch and was sympathetic towards my Dental anxiety.

I will start by saying anyone that knows me well I aware that I have (or had) severe Dental anxiety, stemming from years of bad experiences at the Dentist as a small child. After almost a decade of searching for a Dentist I was referred to Dr.Nguyen by my mentor and also by a friend (the double vote of confidence helped my nerves). After seeing him for a check-up (and a second time recently for two fillings) I can report that he has restored my negative feelings about trips to the Dentist. He is extremely skilled (having all the best technology in his office), VERY gentle to the touch and was sympathetic towards my Dental anxiety. I whole-heartedly give Dr.Nguyen and the Laser Dentistry Staff 5/5 stars and highly recommend them to anyone reading this review!

Posted by Howard Dehner, 7 months ago. (Google Review)

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