Introducing an affordable in-office whitening!

For our clients that have been part of our practice for many years, you know that we have resisted offering in-office whitening for several reasons:

Cost: The systems that were offered were expensive to purchase and expensive to administer.

Results: While the results were often spectacular, many patients all over the world complained of extreme sensitivity after treatment. In some cases, the sensitivity would persist for a considerable length of time.

NOW, however, we are introducing a sensational in-house system that not only works well, but it is affordable and little or no sensitivity.

This system works by applying a whitening gel to a soft tray that is inserted into your mouth and over your teeth. We have you sit in a dental chair with the Sinsational ™ Whitening light in place for approximately 25 minutes. With our headphones (or bring your own), you can tune to any of our in-house audio streams.

In addition - an here is the Bonus - you keep the tray and we give you additional whitening gel to use for the next several weeks.

Cost: this system only works if you have had your professional dental cleaning just prior to application. Our introductory price is $99 for the complete treatment ($105 paid by credit card), on the day of your dental hygiene visit. If you need a separate appointment, we will use our prophy brush before treatment and the cost is $149 ($155 by credit card).

Limitations: Our experience with whitening is that some peoples teeth respond better than others. However, so far, I have seen improvement and lightening of all those that we have treated. Also, we cannot change the color of crowns, fillings, dentures or teeth that have darkened because of tooth decay or root canal fillings. Of course, if there is active disease, periodontal (gum) or caries (Cavities) these should be treated before whitening is considered.

Call us at (802) 775-5777 and we will be glad to schedule you a Sensational Smile appointment.


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