Products We Like

Occasionally we find products that are exceptional in performance and quality. Listed below are some that are worth your investigation:

Under Armour Custom Mouthguards by Bite Tech:

These mouthguards have been proven to enhance performance/endurance considerably. The added safety of a custom fabricated appliance worn properly insures you or your child will have the best gear to prevent injuries. While some injuries are unavoidable, our goal in providing these mouthguards is to protect that smile we have all worked hard to achieve.

Click this link for a video on this product.

Follow the link below for more information:

UnderArmour Mouth Guard

Perio Protect Non-Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease:

This product is a huge breakthrough for many patients. Periodontal disease is large part is caused by bacteria invading between your teeth and gums. This method allows us to gently force a mild, natural medication into those areas which most people can't clean. Check out the website below:

Perio Protect

Soft Piks by GUM

For those that don't like to floss, we have found these piks to be exceptional. To be even more effective we use these by dipping into a very small amount of Listerine. Our experience is those using these piks reduce their cavity count and bleeding gums significantly. This results in a nice dividend of reducing dental treatment and cost.

We find these picks in most pharmacy sections for reasonable prices (80 picks about $5).


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