Dental Bridges

People are left with very few options when it comes to restoration of a smile after natural tooth loss. One of the best alternative ways to bring back your smile is the placing of dental bridges. It is a cosmetic restoration process that is made of porcelain. Also known as false teeth, it is constructed on dental crown and pontics. Undoubtedly, the best way to fill in a missing or badly decayed tooth by ‘bridging’ the gap of the surrounding teeth. The crowns on each end of the bridge are cemented on either side of the gap in place over the natural teeth.

We have the best doctors in town using the best-quality porcelain bridges that are known for its durability & natural look. Once the bridges are placed in your mouth, it can be cleaned and maintained at home. The dentist will guide you with the best ways for a long-lasting result. Have you not yet treated the missing tooth? Do not leave the space empty as it cause the other teeth to move and cause occlusion or create jaw issues. If you are looking for Dental Bridge Treatment in Glenside, then reach out to us to best treat the missing or badly decayed teeth. 

Different Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Dental Bridge

Two crowns are placed on either side of the tooth gap in this type of bridging. The adjacent teeth are reshaped to fit the crowns and it is placed on both adjacent teeth with the bridge fitted in between the crowns. Are you missing several teeth in a row? This procedure is best fitted for your teeth. 

Cantilever Bridges

It is the typical industrial bridge that is attached to a crown on a single tooth, as opposed to the two adjacent teeth. This type of bridge is a rare commodity but is still preferred by dentists for patients who need to preserve a healthy tooth structure.

How the dentist places a dental bridge?

  1. The dentist first begins by prepping the teeth adjacent to the gap for the placement of the bridge.
  2. After the preparation, crowns are placed expertly over the adjacent teeth to serve as posts.
  3. Now a crown or crowns will be cemented to the crown on the adjacent teeth to fill the gap in the teeth. Rest assured that it will provide you a beautiful smile.

Consult with our expert dentist before the dental bridging. You will be properly guided with the procedure and all details will be shared in a very simple language. No need to worry about your smile now. The doctor will meet you and review the dental condition to determine the best tooth-replacement option for you.

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