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We, Signature Smiles Dental help people in treating their sleeping disorders with effective solutions. Sleeping disorders grow with the aging and time which not only affect the sleep routine but also hampers the personal and social lives of people. Over half of the population suffers the panic results of sleeping disorders by being unfamiliar with its treatment and the consequences it can have on your physical and mental health. Our sleep dentistry in Glenside is booming with professionals and sleep specialists, who diagnose sleep apnea in order to improve the quality and quantity of patient’s sleep.

Sleep dentistry is the most thoughtful dental practice to cure sleep-disordered breathing, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The breathing problem can increase the chances of adverse cardiovascular results. A person can detect if he/she is suffering from sleep apnea with the following symptoms such as restless sleep, headache, lack of energy, loud snoring, mood swings, insomnia, etc. It happens when the brain stops sending signals to breathe and sleep. It is categorized into two –

1. Obstructive sleep apnea – It is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops during sleep. This is followed by life-threatening risk factors such as accidents, heart attack, poor concentration, depression, cardiovascular problems, eye problems, fatigue, stroke, sleeplessness, etc. 

Symptoms – 

• Daytime sleepiness
• High blood pressure
• Loud snoring
• Sweating 
• Awakening at night
• Lack of concentration
• Awakening with dry mouth
• Poor breathing control

2. Central sleep apnea – It occurs when our brain fails to give signals to our breathing muscles affecting the ability of the brainstem. It’s a serious sleeping disorder that is caused by a brain infection, injury, stroke, and obesity which results in heart failure, kidney failure, thyroid, fatigue, cardiovascular problems, etc. 

Symptoms – 

• Difficulty while swallowing
• Changes in voice patterns
• Continuous weakness
• Chronic snoring
• Restlessness
• Breathing struggle
• Suffocation

Signature Smiles Dental offers comprehensive solutions for treating sleep apnea. Our team of professionals and sleep specialists are committed to give you a life of peace and prosperity with high quality of sleep treatment. If you struggle with your sleep routine then visit us for a better recovery and a healthy lifestyle. We assure you of our excellence sleep apnea treatment. 

For more details, contact on (215) 874-0407 and get your appointment fixed. We will be obliged to serve you. 

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