Mission Statement

We understand that choosing a new dentist and a dental team can be a challenge, leaving you with some  uncertain feelings. We would like to welcome you to our office and to our beliefs concerning the type of service we provide and why.

We believe each person has the right to become as healthy as they choose to be.  We desire to work with people who wish to achieve a higher level of health and well-being by enhancing their appearance, comfort and ability to sustain oral health. We achieve this by providing dental care that is the highest quality each patient can accept in accordance with their individual needs, desires, and values  for health.

Our goal is to help patients keep their natural teeth all their life with maximum beauty, comfort, and function. We believe in preventive model of health care.  This means an active planning for wellness, rather than merely reacting to the destructive effect of disease. Prevention is more enjoyable, more comfortable, and less costly than even optimal repair.

We believe optimal care increases the likelihood the patient will experience the benefits of health. Healthy patients are the happiest and most grateful patients, which creates satisfaction and reward for us.

We believe dentistry is a behavioral art in turn as well as technical science. Consequently, we recognize that effective communication, trust integrity, and relationship building are essential to help people.

We believe each patient has the right to a comprehensive examination of oral tissues prior to treatment.  Further, each patient deserves a personalized plan that details the preventive and corrective care consistent with their individual needs and desires.

In summary, our goal is to help you become as healty as you choose to be. Instead of telling you what you should do, we try to help you understand your choices about dental health so you can make an informed decision regarding health and treatment need.