Microsurgical Procedures

"Micro"-surgery is the practice of performing a surgical procedure on a subject with the assistance of magnification and specialized instrumentation. Because many of our avian species and their organs are quite small, microsurgical procedures are more the norm than the exception. This is a key area to a full-service avian practice.

Dr. Nemetz began his microsurgical training in 1980 as a technician teaching human surgeons techniques pioneered at the UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The BIRD Clinic has a specially designed and equipped surgical suite to handle any procedure that may be applicable to avian surgery. Throughout the years, Dr. Nemetz has had many firsts in developing new techniques in his constant mission to always "push the envelope" of what "could possibly be performed" versus what "now can be performed".

The BIRD Clinic utilizes high quality optical headsets from Zeiss instruments and mirrored fiberoptics for maximum light transmission. The instruments employed are precision-made by human instrument manufacturers with some made specifically to Dr. Nemetz' specifications. This is important since many of these highly sophisticated procedures as some areas are very small and unique instrumentation and illumination are essential.

The surgical suture material and microvascular clamps are the same ones used in ophthalmological, neurological, and other areas of human microsurgery. To acheive a high success rate one must use the best materials available, which is why Dr. Nemetz attends human as well as veterinary conferences to bring the best technology to his clients and avian patients.

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