Pre Purchase Consultation


When deciding to purchase a new pet bird that could live with you for over 30 years, there are many factors one should consider BEFORE the actual purchase. The pre-purchase consultation was designed to help clients "match" the right species of bird with the specific home environment. Some of the areas discussed that can dramatically effect the long term relationship of you and your future pet bird are:

1. Where will the bird be housed? The living room? A bedroom? A basement?

2. What "humans" live in the house? How many men, women, and children as well as the ages of the children?

3. Are there other pets in the house? What species? What ages?

4. Do you travel often? For what lengths of time? or not at all? Do you plan for the bird to travel with you if you decide to take a trip?

5. What behaviors do you desire in your new bird? To be able to talk? Do tricks? Generally social? One person bird?

6. Can you handle it if the bird has a high potential to scream loudly?

7. What size of bird can you manage? What is the proper cage and its cost? ( Question #3 in the Q&A section )

8. Do you or family members have allergies? Some birds are better than others for people with allergies.

9. What is your daily time availability to spend with your pet bird? Some birds are more demanding than others and require more training.

10. Will you receive from the pet store or seller of the bird a "New-bird health guarantee"? This is very important for your protection and is a good reflection on the intent of the seller.

Even though birds can be fantastic pets, there needs to be some planning to avoid many of the common behavioral and medical pitfalls we experience at The BIRD Clinic.

Pre-purchase consultations run approximately one hour in length and are booked by appointment.

Dr. Nemetz prefers to have most if not all the family present to help everyone in this new long-term adventure.

(revised Nov 2018)