• An Open Letter to Amber
    We’ve never met. You just had a baby named Angelese with my cousin’s son George. I guess that makes us family. You had your baby at home. I am glad Read more
  • HPV Vaccine: Its not Just for Girls Any More
    In a previous Pediatric Points column I wrote a few years ago, I made the case for offering the (then new) HPV Vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) to girls. HPV Read more
  • Never Too Late to Worry
    There’s always something to worry about as a parent. It begins the moment we discover we’re pregnant. We start worrying about everything we put into our bodies and how it will affect Read more
  • Practice as Family
    We were having a staff luncheon yesterday: me, Dr. Moran, Jennifer and Heather. This is Heather’s last week before her maternity leave. We were having a surprise shower for her. Read more
  • Sleep: How much and how
    How much sleep children need at each stage of their lives has been a subject of great debate among parents and pediatricians alike. A study in the January 2013 issue Read more
  • Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child: New Takes on Physical Punishment of Children
    The American Academy of Pediatrics has long recommended against corporal punishment. Children who are hit can become hitters themselves, bullying other children or eventually hitting their own kids. They may never learn more Read more
  • The Followers
    Earlier this month I spent a week at Disney World on a family vacation. It was a very special trip. My 5-year-old niece Emma, after a brutal year of chemotherapy Read more
  • Water, Water, Everywhere
    I get asked a lot of questions about well water in the office. That’s not surprising since 15-20% of US households get their water from private wells. Unlike municipal water Read more