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Dr. Tandeep Malhotra and Dr. Eugene Porcelli are family dentists who can brighten your smile.

Why Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Always Work
There are tons of companies vying for your dollars, attempting to service your need for a whiter, brighter smile. Some products offered by these companies can only address teeth whitening from a superficial layer, though. Your tooth enamel is discolored from a multitude of staining factors:

  • The consumption of coffee, tea, wine, soy sauce, turmeric, blueberries, or other colorful foods sinks into the enamel of your teeth, causing them to appear dull, brown, or yellow.
  • The use of certain medications.
  • The use of tobacco products.
  • The slow wearing away of your enamel allows food particles to discolor your teeth.

Many over-the-counter products like whitening toothpaste contain harsh abrasives that further damage your tooth enamel, causing them to become easier to stain in the future. The more often you use these abrasive products, the more delicate your enamel becomes, making tooth staining a regular issue.

In the case of medication or fluorosis (the over-exposure of fluoride to the teeth, usually as a child), the staining begins inside your teeth, so no matter how much you brush them or floss, you will still notice staining. It is also very difficult for whitening solutions to change the color of your teeth if the discoloration starts from within the teeth.

Many whitening solutions only temporarily remove discoloration from natural teeth and don’t whiten a bridge or other dentistry you’ve done in the past.

The Full Teeth Whitening Solution
Contact our dentists, Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Porcelli to see if your teeth whitening can be done with a simple over-the-counter kit, or if you will need a professional teeth whitening session due to fluorosis, the presence of a bridge, or deeper staining that is not just on the surface enamel of your teeth. With a dentist's examination, they can determine exactly what is causing the discoloration, and how to properly whiten your smile so that your results are not fleeting, but last, and also don't further damage your precious tooth enamel. Call our office at (516) 739-1851 !

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