Clinical Advice Line

You can access our clinical advice line by calling the office during regular hours and asking to be transferred to the clinical advice line. You will leave your name, childs name, birthday and a brief description of the problem. The messages are taken off regularly and the calls returned in the order of severity. Calls are generally returned by the end of each day. Please be sure that you leave a number at which you can be reached throughout the day. Be sure your phone is unblocked and that your cell phone is turned on. If your childs condition changes before you receive a call please call us back and state the new problem to our front office staff so they can assist you. You can always ask for an appointment instead of a phone call. If you think your child has a true emergency you must tell our front office staff. For life threatening emergencies call 911.

The clinical staff can offer routine advice, liaison with the physician and help you decide if an office visit is necessary. There are times when it is medically appropriate for us to offer a phone visit with a new prescription called in for your child instead of an office visit. After taking a history, consulting with a provider when necessary, and reviewing the chart we may feel it is appropriate to schedule an office visit.

Our Advice Clinician is very efficient with triaging calls and caregivers and patients have found this to be an invaluable service. Please feel free to call on our Advice Clinician line if you are a current patient.

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