• Get Your Smile Back
    When you lose teeth, you really suffer. The change in oral function, those smile gaps, an aged facial appearance--they're beyond discouraging. They're truly devastating. Would you like to get your Read more
  • Want a Brighter Smile?
    If you wish your smile was brighter and whiter, you may have considered teeth whitening. This fast and easy procedure can brighten your smile in just one dental visit and Read more
  • Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
    Is oral hygiene a priority in your life? Good oral hygiene habits can help you avoid tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. Our San Bernadino, CA, dentist, Dr. Sanjay Patel of Read more
  • What Are Lumineers?
    Smiling shouldn't be an uncomfortable sensation, but if you're dealing with noticeable cosmetic flaws in your teeth, you're likely to feel hesitant to smile. It might surprise you to learn Read more
  • Get a Smile You Love
    If you wish you could snap your fingers and take years off of your tired smile, now you can. Cosmetic dentistry rejuvenates and renews your teeth to take them to Read more
  • What Are Digital Extra-oral Radiographs?
    If you have ever had a regular dental examination, you are probably aware that your dentist sometimes takes x-rays of your mouth. In the past, these x-rays were taken on Read more
  • Rejuvenate Your Smile With Six Month Smiles
    Want a straighter smile but don’t want to wait forever? Now you don’t have to with Six Month Smiles. It’s amazing how much dental technology has grown, making it possible for Read more
  • FAQs About Teeth Whitening
    What Do I Need to Know about Teeth Whitening? Common questions and answers about teeth whitening treatments You are interested in teeth whitening treatments, but there's so much information out there you’re Read more
  • Types of Dentures Available
    Multiple missing teeth take a toll on more than just your eating or speaking habits. Facial muscles sag, causing an abnormal appearance. For those ashamed of their gaps, face to Read more
  • What is Extraoral Radiography?
    Find out more about how digital radiography can lead to better dental health. When you come into the dentist ever six months for routine care it might not seem like a Read more
  • Are Dental Veneers Right for Me?
    Find out what makes someone an ideal candidate for this cosmetic treatment in San Bernardino. We would all love to have smiles that are as beautiful as a Hollywood movie star’s; Read more
  • What is Snap-On Smile?
    Find out how you can quickly and painlessly get that straight, gorgeous smile. Sure, we would all love to have a smile that mirrors that of the Hollywood stars; however, we Read more
  • Why Choose Lumineers?
    Americans put a high value on the looks and quality of their smiles. Your smile can affect everything from being promoted at your job to dating success. One popular option Read more
  • Let Dentures Give You Your Dental Freedom Back
    Whether you’ve been fighting tooth loss for a while now or this has been a recent problem, it can be more than exhausting. Sometimes you just want to enjoy your Read more
  • Teeth Whitening in San Bernardino: Giving You A Reason To Smile
    When it comes to your teeth, do they scream, “Look at me”? At My Dentist in San Bernardino, Dr. Sanjay Patel is available to work with you to create an Read more
  • Use Dr. Patel’s Online Appointment Request and Eliminate Stress Scheduling Stress
    Over the last decade, technological advancements have grown immensely. Nowadays, it’s common for people to be attached to their smartphones or iPads, accessing top headlines, staying in touch with friends Read more

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