Here's what makes 'authoritative parents' different from the rest—and why psychologists say it's the best parenting style

We all want to raise intelligent, confident and successful kids. But where to begin? And what's the best parenting style to go with? Parenting styles fall under four main categories. Read the full story »


Parents Are Hiring Potty Training Pros Proving It's OK to Ask for Help When You Can

A child psychologist explains a trending service: potty training consultations. Here's what parents need to know about the specialists who are paid to provide guidance, coaching, and support through this milestone. Read the full story »


A psychologist shares the 4 styles of parenting—and the type that researchers say is the most successful

Since children do not come with manuals, parents often struggle to determine how to raise mentally strong, well-rounded, and successful kids. Some parents are strict, while others are lenient. Read the full story »


I'm a Mom and a Child Psychologist: This Is the Behavior I Actually Worry About

As a child psychologist, I speak with so many parents who are concerned about their child's development or behavior. Read the full story »


Child & Family Psychology Chosen for the 2013 Franklin Square Awards in the Psychologists Classification

The Franklin Square Award Program has chosen Child & Family Psychology for the 2013 Franklin Square Awards in the Psychologists classification. Read the full story »


Newsday: Facing Fear Borne of Newtown's Tragedy

Many parents preoccupied with helping their kids cope with the murders in Connecticut are simultaneously trying to deal with their own anxieties over the tragedy. Read the full story »


Child & Family Psychology Founder Available for Comment Regarding Connecticut School Shooting

Dr. Renee Clauselle, Founder, Child & Family Psychology, is available to speak about the tragic events that unfolded Friday morning at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, and how to best discuss this incident with children. Read the full story »


Beating the Summer Vacation Brain Drain

Tonya Perry, Ph.D., assistant professor of curriculum instruction in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Education and author of the “Supporting Students in a Time of Core Standards” series says; “We need to revisit the purpose of summer. We all think of it as time away from the academic school year, but we should also think of it as a time to revisit our interests, work on our challenges and accelerate our learning.” Read the full story »


Supporting Creative Free Play At Home

One of the best ways for children to engage in positive physical, mental, and social development is for kids to experience creative free play on a regular basis. It is one of the most important types of imaginative activities for children. Creative free play is expressed when children get to use familiar materials in unique or unusual ways or by engaging in role play and imaginative play. Read the full story »


Using Technology Wisely – How Much is Too Much for Families?

As little as eight years ago, Facebook was an idea, twitter was something birds did, and linking in professionally was done at face to face networking events. Oh! How times have changed. In less than a decade, our use of technology has exploded. Everyone has a smartphone, computers now fit in your purse easily, and everyone everywhere is constantly connected to the worldwide Web. Read the full story »


Successful Summer Fun for Kids with ADHD

For many parents and kids summer means fun. . . and boredom. Every once in a while, everyone needs help finding constructive things to do and meaningful ways to fill those golden days of summer vacation. For kids with ADHD being able to provide meaningful activities and daily structure can be essential. Read the full story »


Summer Jobs for Tweens

It’s time for that long stretch of summer vacation. Many teens and college age kids have already turned in their applications, had an interview, or are returning to a previous summer job. Or, they may be getting more hours and working full-time at that after-school job. However, there’s another group of kids who also need summer employment or engagement. Read the full story »


5 Tips for those Family-Friendly Road Trips

Summer is racing towards us, which means that many families are gearing up for the proverbial road trip. We all remember the Griswolds driving their way towards 'Wally World' like in the old National Lampoon movie. It spoofs the pitfalls and pit stops that can plague any family trip; however, there is some honest truth in what National Lampoon was gently spoofing. Read the full story »


April is Autism Awareness Month

Dr. Renee Clauselle, Founder of Child and Family Psychology, is reminding everyone that April is Autism Awareness Month and urges parents to look for warning signs of autism and to seek Early Intervention services, if necessary, for their child. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Attends Screening of Ricki Lake’s “The Business of Being Born”

Dr. Renee Clauselle recently met with actress Ricki Lake at the Mama Glow Salon Series in New York where her documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” was being featured. Read the full story »


Dr. Clauselle Discusses Mental Health Benefits of Being a Sports Fan on Yahoo! Shine

With “March Madness” underway in the NCAA Tournament and Major League Baseball about to begin, there is no better time than right now to be a sports fan — and it may actually be good for your health. Read the full story »


5 Secrets for Successful Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids is a great way to have fun and learn about math and science. When kids are in the kitchen with you, it creates a sense of closeness and also helps in using their math and science skills to do something the entire family can enjoy. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Makes Health Headlines

Dr. Renee Clauselle was quoted in Dr. Randy Shuck’s Health Headlines on the health benefits of being a sports fan. The article was featured on the Central Florida News 13 website. Read the article »


Reduce your stress and worry: Cook together with curry!

Is your family isolated from each other, focused on Internet surfing, texting, or interacting more in the virtual world than the real world? Cooking together is not only a nourishing way to feed the family, it can also be an opportunity to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Read the full story »


Release your inner diva!

Looking good and feeling great go hand in hand. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all have an inner diva and we all need to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! It’s not about acting bratty or spoiled. Releasing your inner diva is about that positive attitude and confidence that comes from knowing you look and feel your best! Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Featured in EmpowHer Article

Dr. Renee Clauselle was interviewed for an article on EmpowHer Online on the relationship between eating disorders and mental health. Read the article »


Holiday Stress Busters

The holiday season can be a very stressful time. In fact, most mental health professionals find that the number of clients they see doubles, even triples, during this time. Dr. Renee Clauselle provides holiday stress busters to help us cope and manage stress more effectively. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee’s Article Published in Long Island Parent Magazine

Dr. Renee Clauselle had an article published in the December 2011-January 2012 issue of Long Island Parent. In her article, she explains how children can express their gratitude in creative ways. To read the article, click here. Read the article »


Teaching Gratitude to our Children for the Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, celebrating gratitude is easy to remember. But what about when it’s not Thanksgiving and it’s just an ordinary day? What part does gratitude play in our lives then? Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Named LIBN Health Care Hero

Dr. Renee Clauselle was named a winner of the Long Island Business News Health Care Heroes Awards in the category of Physician Hero. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Interviewed by Rolling Out Magazine About her Online Mental Health Practice | November 3, 2011

Connect with Dr. Renee from your computer.

Dr. Renee discusses her online practice with and how telemental health is the wave of the future. Telemental health makes mental health services accessible to everyone from their home computer or phone. To contact with Dr. Renee through her online practice, click hereRead entire article »


Child & Family Psychology Expands Practice with Opening of Third Office in Garden City

Child & Family Psychology has announced its expansion with the addition of its new office located at 585 Stewart Avenue, Suite 408 in Garden City. Read the full story »


Keeping Your Teen or Tween Safe for Halloween

When your children were younger, they used to beg you to take them trick-or-treating! But now they’ve grown up a little bit, discovered the opposite sex and suddenly want nothing to do with you. The problem is that they still want to have fun with their friends on Halloween. So how do you keep them safe? Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Launches YouTube Channel

Dr. Renee Clauselle has launched her own YouTube channel, ChildFamPsych. The channel features information about Child and Family Psychology and her televised interviews on family issues, bullying and teen suicide. To watch any of the videos or to subscribe to the channel, click here.


Dr. Renee Clauselle’s Back to School Tips in PBS Article

Dr. Renee Clauselle was quoted in a PBS Parents article “Back-to-School Time: Transition Your Family from Summer to School.” In the article, Dr. Clauselle describes ways to address anxiety that your child may have before the start of the school year. Read the article »


Help! My child won't do their homework: Homework stations made easy

Homework stations are structured workspaces for your child to complete their homework. They can look different in each household, but there are three key steps in creating a supportive work environment for your child. Read the full story »


Don’t Overdo It! Making School Projects Manageable

Your child has just come home with a list of choices for a project due in two weeks, and you begin to feel that sense of dread because the last project had the whole family up until 2 a.m. the night before it was due, hot gluing and arguing. How can you avoid this from happening again? Read the full story »


Coping with 9/11, Nearly a Decade Later

It’s been nearly 10 years since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the nation, and it’s difficult for adults — especially here on the South Shore of Nassau County, where so many of the victims of 9/11 left from that beautiful Tuesday morning in 2011, never to return — to cope with the memories, grief and anxieties that come with this 10th anniversary. Read the full story »


Starting the School Year Right with Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds

Are you concerned about what your child is eating at school, but too busy to pack a lunch? Is your child on a free or reduced lunch plan? While we’re waiting for the USDA to raise standards on school lunches, we as parents can train our children to make healthy food choices at school. There are some great kid-friendly resources on the net to help you. Read the full story »


Organizational Strategies for Your Children — and You!

It is Back-to-School Time and Dr. Renee has tips to get you ready. For most, staying organized helps to reduce stress as well as build focus and increase task completion. Here are seven tips for staying organized that will work great for both you and your children. Read the full story »


Choosing the Right Therapy for Various Psychological Disorders

Having a loved one dealing with a psychological disorder can be difficult. Many don’t realize how difficult it can be to find proper help. There are many types of therapy for various psychological disorders. Dr. Renee Clauselle offers these tips on how to find the best ones. Read the full story »


Helping Families of Service Members Who Commit Suicide While in Combat

With a growing number of troops reported to have taken their own lives while in battle, it has been reported that the Pentagon and the White House are now acknowledging service members who committed suicide during combat the same way as other combat related deaths. Read the full story »


Understanding Narcissism

This article attempts to explain where narcissism comes from and its contributing factors. It also addresses the myths associated with narcissism, the debate over whether narcissism is becoming more prevalent among our nation's youth and the surrounding social factors. Read the full story »


Students Should Know the Dangers of Abusing Prescription Medications to Achieve Academic Success

As high school and college students prepare for exams, they face increasing pressure to succeed and often resort to over-the-counter medications in hopes of getting a passing grade. The abuse of prescription drugs is becoming more prevalent. Read the full story »


Preparation for a Bon Voyage LI Parent | June/July 2011

Dr. Renee Clauselle's article was published in the June-July 2011 issue of Long Island Parent. Her article offered advice for parents on how to plan a vacation with a special-needs child. Read the full story »


What Is Self-Esteem and How Can Your Child Develop It?

In his 1969 book The Psychology of Self-Esteem, Nathaniel Branden defined self-esteem as “...the experience of being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness.” According to Branden, self-esteem is the sum of self-confidence (a feeling of personal capacity) and self-respect (a feeling of personal worth). Read the full story »


Are Social Media Sites Making Us All Self-Promoting Narcissists?

How many times did you tweet today or check your Facebook page? What about your latest YouTube video? Why do we enjoy reality shows like “Real Housewives,” watching those who are self-absorbed? What happened to the story writers and sitcoms with stories that have meaning or a moral? These were the questions asked by researchers in a featured article in the American Psychological Association’s monthly periodical. Read the full story »


New Health Centers Come to Community

Child & Child and Family Psychology, a company based on Long Island that specializes in the behavioral and emotional needs of children, has expanded its mental health services by opening a Family Wellness Center at its Franklin Square and Kings Park locations. Read the full story »


Child & Family Psychology Opens Family Wellness Center

Child & Family Psychology has expanded its mental health services by opening its Family Wellness Center at its Franklin Square and Kings Park locations. The Family Wellness Center is specifically created to deal with mental health issues for adults and families. Read the full story


Dr. Renee Clauselle Reminds Everyone April is Autism Awareness Month

On March 10, the White House hosted a Conference on Bullying Prevention in which students, parents, educators and community leaders discussed ways to combat this problem which affects 13 million students in the U.S. — roughly one-third of the school-age population — who are victims of bullying. Read the full story »


Bullying Prevention Starts at Home

On March 10, the White House hosted a Conference on Bullying Prevention in which students, parents, educators and community leaders discussed ways to combat this problem which affects 13 million students in the U.S. — roughly one-third of the school-age population — who are victims of bullying. Read the full story »


To Stop Bullying, Parents Should Be Role Models

At the March 10 White House Conference for Bullying Prevention, First Lady Michelle Obama touched on the issue of adults’ responsibility to model respect. Oftentimes, children repeat what they see being done at home by their parents, or by adults in the community. Read the full story »


Talk to Your Kids about What Happened at School

President Obama spoke on how sometimes it is difficult to know what is happening at their children’s school. They even mention that, when they ask their own daughter Sasha what happened at school today, she typically replies, “Nothing.” Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Praises White House’s Efforts to Address Bullying at a National Level

Dr. Renee Clauselle, Founder, Child & Family Psychology, says the White House is providing a valuable service for the students, parents and teachers by holding a roundtable discussion at the national level to address the problem of bullying that takes place in the nation’s schools. Read the full story »


What You Can Do to Stop the Bullying LI Parent | February/March 2011

For special needs children, social issues in school can pose serious concerns. Often their differences and particular challenges hinder them from building socially and developmentally appropriate relationships. Read the full story »


Child & Family Psychology Expands to Kings Park

Child & Family Psychology, with its principal office in Franklin Square, has announced its expansion into Suffolk County by opening an office in Kings Park. The office, which opened on February 7, is located at 57 Main Street. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee’s Pick of the Week

Dr. Renee's Picks of the Week features products that help kids cope with death and grief. Remember you can purchase products right from this site. »


Trick Your Brain to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? It is usually about breaking old habits that no longer serve us and creating new, better habits. To do this successfully, we need to understand what is a habit and the neuroscience behind making habits. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee’s Pick of the Week

Dr. Renee’s picks of the week feature toys made to make kids THINK. Check out these brainpower toys. »


A Cutoff Point for Playing with Stuffed Animals?

My 7-year-old boy asked for stuffed animals for the holidays. Is that worrisome? Up until what age is it normal for a boy to play with a teddy bear, for instance? Read the full story (PDF) »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Establishes Online Counseling and Consultation Practice

Dr. Renee Clauselle has announced a new part of her practice in which patients can communicate with her over the Internet.Dr. Clauselle has established an online counseling and consultation practice through two websites: eTalkwithyou ( and Liveperson ( The websites are ideal for patients who may not want to travel to a counselor’s office, are seeking to remain anonymous or have a quick question and do not need weekly counseling. Read the full story »


Study Links Excessive Texting and Teen Sex, Boozing am New York | 11/9/2010

Teens who swap 120 or more text messages a day are more likely to indulge in sex, drinking and drugs, according to a new study. These “hyper-texters” are almost 3.5 times more likely to have had sex and 90 percent more likely to report having four or more sexual partners, the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine study showed. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Agrees that Bullying is a Civil Rights Violation

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John’s University, says she agrees with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights in that all educational institutions nationwide should implement stricter measures to deal with bullying and harassment when it comes to students’ civil rights being violated. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Urges Parents to Teach Children How to Protect Themselves from Sexual Abuse

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John’s University, says parents must work with their children to teach them how they can protect themselves from sexual abuse through constant communication and role-playing. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Offers Solutions on Preparing Children for School, Urges Parental Involvement

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John’s University, says parents should prepare their children before going to school so they can start the day off right. Read the full story »


Dr. Leighton Brooks Joins Child & Family Psychology Staff

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, has announced that Dr. Leighton Brooks, a child psychiatrist, has joined the staff of Child & Family Psychology. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Explains How Children Can Overcome Social Abuse

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John’s University, gives tips on how to empower children and adolescents to overcome bullying. Read the full story »


Bully-proof My Kid: Empowering Children and Adolescents to Overcome Social Abuse

Research tells us that there are certain kids that are more likely to be bullied (traditional bullying) than others. The character profile for victims is typically passive or submissive types. These children usually have the following characteristics. Read the full story »


Newsday: Who's Too Young for a Laptop?

At what age is it OK to get my child a laptop? I'm concerned about losing control if the computer is mobile. The second part of your query addresses the heart of the issue, says Renee Clauselle, a Franklin Square psychologist. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Urges Parents and Children to Take the “Cyber Pledge”

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John’s University, says that parents and children should take a “Cyber Pledge” that sets ground rules on how and when children can use the Internet. Read the full story »


 ‘Cyberbullying’ Experts and Local Politicians Weigh In on a Growing Issue

Before the advent of the Internet, bullying occurred in the lunchroom, on the playground and even in the classroom. It usually involved a bigger child picking on a smaller child by calling them names or roughhousing. This type of behavior is manageable and can be dealt with immediately. Read the full story »


Putting an End to Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has been getting a lot of attention in the news lately due to recent tragic incidents involving two youths over the past few months. It is important to get quickly the necessary information to parents, teens, tweens and school personnel so that we can all help to create safe and tolerant environments for the youth at school and in our communities. Doing so is one step towards prevention of cyberbullying. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Discusses Roots of Bullying and the Psychological Effects on Its Victims

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John's University, says that bullying can often be learned behavior that, if it is not stopped, will allow the child to target certain classmates. For the victim, bullying has long-term negative effects, resulting in depression and/or anxiety. Read the full story »


Dr. Renee Clauselle Says Schools Offer Support for Traumatic Grief, But Students May Need Further Counseling to Address its Effects

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John's University, says that schools offer a place for support and counseling whenever a student experiences the sudden loss of a classmate, but if the student experiences depression, anxiety or mental health issues as a result of that traumatic loss, then parents are urged to seek a professional therapist for their children. Read the full story »


Haiti's Little Ones Learn to Cope

Fourth grader Victoria “Vicky” Milord loves Sacred Heart School in Cambria Heights, the school she enrolled in after the earthquake in Haiti. Vicky, who before the January 12 killer quake lived with her maternal grandmother while she attended a boarding school in Port-au-Prince, arrived in New York City on January 19 in time to celebrate her 10th birthday. Her mother Rose-May Milord, however, decided to keep Vicky home until February to give her time to adjust, and give herself time to choose a school. Read the full story »

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